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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Remember when I fell down the stairs before the Celtic Faire last month? Apparently I did something bad to my knee. My mom suggested a trip to the knee doctor and a cane. While I am more than happy to … Continue reading

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Color play. Texture play. All play!

I just bought myself the Vintaj edition BigShot from Sizzix – it’s a poor man’s rolling mill that you can use to emboss metal or cardstock or whatever. This version was specially made to use on metal and they make … Continue reading

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Market stall? We’ve got your market stall.

There’s something happening here, out by the back deck at Spacious Nuthouse Estates. Captain Sexypants is doing interesting things with wood and muttering about lag bolts. But whatever could he be up to? Well, he’s building a “Medieval Market Stall” … Continue reading

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A riddle.

What do you get when you combine 5 cats, a spilled container of microglitter, a tub of soft gel medium, slippery rubber gloves, and resin? Crying. Also, laundry. You get a new, spiky hairstyle. And later, you get to cut resin … Continue reading

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For the birds.

I’ll be honest, financial challenges are for the birds. There is all sorts of stuff I need for the studio, we have a huge show coming up, and the extra money to prepare for it just isn’t there. But here’s … Continue reading

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Getting back into the studio… with the earring club

With the holidays over, I’m back in the studio on a mostly predictable schedule. We wrapped up the Fall/Winter earring club in December, and suddenly it was a New Year which means, a new club! I wanted to do something … Continue reading

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Our Last Day

So yesterday we loaded up the remaining inventory, took Ozma off the wall and turned off the lights for the last time in booth 116. We will go back to get all the packed up things out of the booth … Continue reading

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