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Monkeys, poppies, is this Oz?

This little fellow was a pretty good representation of my mood this morning and I guess the barista is either psychic or I was looking kind of grumpy when I ordered my latte. Love the coffee at the Brasil Kiss … Continue reading

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Water the plants.

It’s so easy to forget to water the plants. “The plants” being, in this case, everything or anything, whether that’s making art, walking, eating well, filing taxes on time, getting enough sleep. Remembering to water is my goal this year. … Continue reading

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Mr. Chicken Is Scary When He’s Angry.

On Monday over at the Dreamlab we were asked to identify a “numbing behavior” and cut it out for the week. Well I don’t know about you, but for me that’s definitely Facebook and mindless web-surfing. I could noodle around … Continue reading

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when spoons run out before the journal is done.

Journaling is something I try to do as a daily practice. Mostly because I am happier when I journal every day, when I am able to sit down and play with colors and textures and words. There are weeks where … Continue reading

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Art Journaling, Chez That @#$ Tuxedo Cat Just Knocked Over My Water Cup.

This is a fairly new practice for me. I felt so intimidated when I started to journal again after 7 years. It was like, somehow I was afraid that I’d open up my journal and it would wind up like … Continue reading

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We are all amazing. Here, I will show you!

People are incredible and inspiring. They get through really difficult things, hearbreaking losses, and they still manage to get up in the morning and shine their Light around them, in corners and at other people. The thing I am loving … Continue reading

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