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LA Stories – Heritage Square.

or… one more way I spent the weekend Not Working because I was compelled to go out and explore Los Angeles for the express purpose of providing quality blog content for all y’all. No. Really. Going outside into the beautiful … Continue reading

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Because, we are smarter than string.

I’ve mentioned that Southern California is a pretty amazing place where great stuff happens, right? Well here’s another reason why you wish you lived here! Twice a year, in a little church in downtown Monrovia (just north and east of … Continue reading

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LA Stories – LA Craft

LA is an amazing town for craft and DIY. Who needs Martha Stewart when you’ve got Vickie Howell, Knitty Gritty and the DIY Channel? We’re the home of (the sadly now defunct) Felt Club and one of the locations for … Continue reading

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Come for the taquitos, stay for the fish.

I love Los Angeles. This shocks me, because there was a time when I refused to consider the idea that I might live here. I am from the Emerald Triangle in far Northern California and as far as people up … Continue reading

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