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The saga continues.

Some of you may remember that we’ve been having some ongoing issues with keeping our cat Bug in the house when it’s summer and the sliding glass doors are open. When we moved in to Spacious Green Acres, we made … Continue reading

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Yet More Fun With Cats

It all started a few weeks ago, during the Twain Harte fair, when Lovebug, Fifth Viscount Naughtypants, the Earl of Angelfluff, Mr. Tinklebritches Esq. III figured out how to get around the patented Grip Security Measures we’d installed on the … Continue reading

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And then there were four.

Spacious Nuthouse Estates is currently chock full of nuts! And, er, cats. The Youngest and her cat have come home for an extended summer visit, before heading up to the Pacific Northwest. They’ll be making the permanent move later this … Continue reading

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Things in my life that are covered in duct tape because of my cat.

My sofa. And… My recliner. And… My car. Ok. Fine. You win that one. But do you deny, sir, that the other day when you and Ollie were wrestling in the kitchen, the both of you went THROUGH the screen … Continue reading

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Still Life On Mountain

The huge horrible task of taking our very overgrown and wild yard down to bare earth and creating a fire-safe zone around the cabin is done. The last of the bags of detritus went off to the slash pile this … Continue reading

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Oh So Much Wood.

We heat our home with wood – and only wood. One valiant little wood stove keeps the entire cabin cosy, and in order to do that, we need a lot of wood. So we ordered two cords of fine, seasoned, … Continue reading

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Cat Tribe

The weather has most definitely turned up here on the mountain. Nights are cold, cold cold, and mornings are crisp like the best apple you ever ate. Clear blue skies and autumn sunlight filtering through the pines. After 18 years … Continue reading

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