The rain rain rain came down.

Well, except today the sun came back out here in Southern California, and the plants all began to perk up and my mood got an instant +5 and that was basically amazing.

I’ve been rethinking my focus with work in the wake of some upheavals in my doula world. After the infamous Buzzfeed article (which has cost me, to date, 3 prospective clients) and some other things, I pretty much just unexpectedly went BOOM (like one of those science fair volcanoes), it ate up all my bandwidth for about a month, and that’s when I realized that I’m just… done.  It’s been exhausting, and it’s taken way too much of my time and focus away from studying and getting clients. Time to disengage, get a little distance, and refocus.

I start retraining with another organization this weekend. It’ll give me some other letters to add on top of the original trainings and I think that’ll help. Plus, it’s been a year, I’m happy to get a refresher of some skills. Expensive to pay for all the trainings and memberships again, but, it’s worth it to just… keep moving past the stuff that doesn’t support my goals.

I just want to work. Show up. Have professional credibility. Support some folks while they have some babies. Get paid. Give back to my community where and when I can. And at the end of the day, have enough room left over for my marriage, paint and cats and time to tend my little garden.

Which by the way? Succulents are awesome, hard to kill, and I might have a new obsession.

Sometimes keeping your eye on simple pleasures in the midst of upheaval is the only way to go.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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4 Responses to The rain rain rain came down.

  1. Lynda the Guppy says:

    It’s interesting to me that the article lost you clients. I have to say it didn’t change my opinion at all about Doulas. I think they’re a good thing, good for the mom, good for the medical staff, and I see no problem with them billing what their time is worth. The two owners come across as a bit obsessive and over the top, but I agreed with a lot of it. You wouldn’t expect a nurse or doctor to volunteer their time, so why would someone expect a Doula to? Sure, it may be a calling, but other professions are callings, too, and they still get paid.

    • Rainy says:

      I absolutely don’t think it should ever be an expectation. But I think, like any professional, doulas should have the option to provide sliding scale or pro-bono services if they *choose* to. Key word here, CHOOSE. For some people, that’s a legitimate expression of giving back to the world. For others, it’s not.

      • Lynda the Guppy says:

        Exactly right. Professionals (myself included) give discounts or work gratis all the time, but it is something that should be offered at will by the professional, and not expected by the client.

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