No walking, but knitting

Well the “I will go for walks!” portion of my “ME” program hasn’t been so successful in the first 6 days of 2017, but darn I’ve gotten a LOT of knitting and crochet done!

So first off, I frogged the horrible Mutton Sweater Wool Of The Andes baby sweater. It’s awful yarn. Will reknit the adorable Hyphen sweater pattern in some luxury superwash like MadelineTosh or something equally fine when I can afford it. Such a relief to just let myself off the hook for it. Lesson learned. Cheap yarn isn’t always a bargain.

But since I wanted to be making something for the baby, well, I started this.


A simple hexie afghan, and yes, it’s really that blisteringly pink. Miss Aubrey LOVES pink. Like more than any other color in the world, and according to her mother, the brighter the better. I’m about 3 rows – 27 squares – in to what will ultimately be a 15 row – 135 square – blanket. Good for naps and watching Octonauts on the couch or what have you. It’s Caron Simply Soft in “neon pink” which I had leftover from the Pussyhat Project caps I knit for the march on Washington. It’s also very cheap yarn but oh so soft and I think suitable for a toddler blanket. If this pink isn’t bright enough, I don’t know what will be.

Captain Sexypants has a birthday coming up, so I threw together some odd balls of fingering weight yarn and started a Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf (pattern from Churchmouse Yarns).


There’s some Koigu, some Sophie’s Toes, some Rowan. I’m about 2″ in to what is supposed to be a 6″ wide scarf. I love the fabric, love linen stitch, and LOVE this scarf – what a great way to use sock yarn you might not turn into actual socks.  I’ve got three more bags of yarn set up to do more of these when I finish this one. I think this is going to be a hot contender for the Christmas Gift Pattern Of Choice in 2017.

So what’ve you got on the needles on this rainy Saturday? And hey, if I know you from the good old days, where are you blogging now? Or ARE you still blogging? Where my knitters at these days?

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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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14 Responses to No walking, but knitting

  1. Lee says:

    I’ve got some Red Heart Supersaver on my needles. It’s going go be a ruana. Unless it turns into a poncho. Or a shawl. Or gets frogged and I start something else with it. Again. I think of it as doodling.

  2. bdelacy says:

    The linen stitch is currently my favorite stitch. It just looks so great with variegated yarn! Can’t wait to see the final results of your scarf.

    • Rainy says:

      Yes! It’s seriously become my favorite over here too, just lovely texture and color play with the handpainted yarns!

  3. Liz says:

    The linen stitch looks great and putting those colours together works really well, I started a scarf tonight but still going on with my colourwork mitts

  4. cat says:

    Love the way your scarf looks! I’m sure that little girl will be delighted by your blanket too….it really is bright! This fellow knitter blogger…has been absent for almost 5 years while I’ve been mothering my baby…but I’ve just started blogging again and seeing your pictures made my fingers twitch to knit!

    • Rainy says:

      Well, she’s the first Grandbaby, so anything that delights her is something that Grandma wants to do. Maybe I spoil her a little but that’s the job description.

      It’s nice when the very wee ones get to a point where you can start to do “you” things again, isn’t it?

  5. Blue Gal says:

    I’m with you on Wool of the Andes. I haven’t tried washing any of it — maybe IT gets soft with washing too? But otherwise too late I gave it away. Life’s too short for scratchy wool.

  6. Lee says:

    It’s not snuggly soft but pleasant against your skin. Not like the early acrylic yarn from the 70s. What I like about it is the sturdyness. I can unravel it 3-4 times before it finally dies. I doodle more than I knit.

  7. Lynda the Guppy says:

    I’ve got a baby sweater for my GodNiece (My godmother’s second granddaughter) who will make her appearance in May. I’m also using MadTosh as I did for both her older sister’s sweaters.I’m using Tosh DK with this one, and I’ve used Tosh Vintage in the past, and both are excellent for baby sweaters. And the best part is you generally only need two skeins. LOL

    I’m also knitting a pair of baby Uggs for a friend’s first niece.

    And I’d LOVE to get my Come What May shawl off the needles. I’m so tired of it. LOL

    I am still blogging, but VERY sporadically, and hardly at all about knitting anymore. But I’m at Twitter is my usual hangout @fishwithsticks

    • Rainy says:

      I’m trying the Tosh Vintage on your recommendation! I got two skeins of “Cactus Flower” which is an amazing pink color way I think she’ll love.

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