“It’s Monday, that’s why.” The Universe seemed to say.

Kearney Park Renaissance Faire has come and gone. This was a nice site and it looked like the actors and battle re-enactors were really having a good time. The weather was quite pleasant, though it was foggy enough at night that our canvas was soaked through each morning.

We saw some familiar faces – Mr. James Fraser and Mrs. Claire Beauchamp of the Outlander saga were strolling about the village green at one point. I always enjoy the cosplay that is out at these small faires, but at every event there is one that is just a standout. These guys did a fantastic job, just fantastic.



Gate was low and our sales were disappointing, but we got some vendor leads on a few other festivals to try out next year. Time spent with family who live in the area was nice and the Captain came up for the weekend, which was also fantastic.

And then… it was Monday.


This picture pretty much sums up the Monday I had.

See, I drive a 2007 Honda with one of those neato programmable car keys, the ones with the clicky buttons that unlock your door from across the parking lot. Well my fancy clicky car keys decided they were tired of mountain living and didn’t want to return to spacious Nuthouse Estates. They stowed away in the van and went to Los Angeles with Captain Sexypants this morning (at 2am), instead. This went undiscovered until Burbank, and precipitated a panicked text at around 6am, which precipitated a panicked phone call.

Locksmiths might have happened. Tow trucks became involved.


This is Tony.  He’s Italian and really friendly and he saved me. Call Tony if you ever break down in Fresno. 10/10, highly recommend!

The upshot of Monday is that the Fresno Honda dealership charges $350 for one new programmable key.


Because, fuck you, that’s why.

Thanks for that, Honda. I mean, thanks so much for having my key blank in town and for going to get it and for making my car drivable again. I’m super grateful. But really, $350? Is it made of gold? Are there tiny hobbits inside the fob? Is it run on elfin magic? Pixie dust? What is up with that?

Oh and the wifi at the Honda dealership? Totally broken. Because, fuck you, that’s why.

All of this is obviously why God invented wine.

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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5 Responses to “It’s Monday, that’s why.” The Universe seemed to say.

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m sorry about your Monday troubles, but ultimately appreciate your post. It’s a nice reminder to not always flounce around from blog to blog in a pink sparkly dress waving a magical pixie dust rainbow spewing wand and sugar-coat what dafuq is happening in one’s life. I’d much rather know that I’m not the only one where things go more sideways than I anticipate, and that on some days stepping in a pile of poo is unavoidable. Thanks for that!

  2. The_Lab_Rat says:

    Sounds like you had a trip to Mordor going on there, my friend! I’m very glad for Tony, because other than his assistance, yesterday was a pile o’ frustrated kittehs with no milk. or catnip. I hope you’re having a very safe, totally uneventful drive home to the Nuthouse Estates today, and are greeted with kitteh love instead of kitteh coldshoulders for being a Whole Extra Day gone. And now you have two clicky keys for your car. Isn’t she special? Which is a nudge to all those people who drive out there, including myself, to have a spare key that works, with you, at all times. In your purse, wallet (AAA used to make ‘key cards’ that fit your door key, if you have a separate key for your door, for a very affordable price). I’m not a fan of the little magneto-boxes they sell for storing said spare keys, as car thieves would look there. But if you make a practice of carrying them, it’s all gravy. 🙂

  3. OH NO!!! I wish I had known! I totally could have picked up the key and driven it up to you. I LOVE road trips and even if you paid all my gas, it would have been cheaper. Also, I take payment in earrings.

  4. and for going to get it and for making my car drivable again. I’m super grateful. But really, $350? Is it made of gold? Are there tiny hobbits inside the fob? Is it run on elfin magic? Pixie dust? What is up with that?-This made me laugh out loud, and that cat meme was a good fit. 🙂

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