The Rim Fire

Our moving truck is supposed to be here in 3 days to load up, and then we will be moving into our new home in the Sierras, right? Well, not so fast there, cowboy. The Rim Fire is burning a hole in our plans.

Fire Glow
photo credit – Steve Ryan (some rights reserved)

The folks on the fire lines are nothing short of Big Damn Heroes. Thank you, National Guardsmen and women, Cal Fire and the Forest Service, and all the other small crews and departments from around the state (and indeed, the country!) that have contributed resources to fighting this blaze. Y’all are remarkable.

I went on Flickr and found some photos that are ok to show here under creative commons license. If you want some others, clicky the link above.

Rim Fire 2013
photo credit – CA National Guard – some rights reserved

Rim Fire 2013
photo credit – CA National Guard – some rights reserved

I feel pretty anxious about it all, but what are you going to do? I guess this is an adventure we are having. My thoughts are with those displaced by this blaze and the folks whose homes are in its path. Two leggers and four.

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2 Responses to The Rim Fire

  1. Glad you have a Plan B! I was a little worried about you guys. Couldn’t remember if you had moved yet or not. May the fire miss you completely and be extinguished quickly

  2. Marilyn says:

    Take care and I wish you well. Yes, glad for a Plan B too.

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