A quick trip…

Stopping for rocks

Stopped for a break in Quartzite Arizona on our way home from Scottsdale, and this water tower was particularly picturesque. So were the tents upon tents filled with rocks, gems and fossils. We managed to get away safely, but not before a couple of ammonites stowed away in the trunk. I didn’t manage to get any other pictures here, I was too busy drooling over All. The. Things.

We were in Scottsdale for the big fancy Arabian Horse Show that they have every year about this time.






The Cap’s sister had some horses in the show (not pictured) and we wanted to show our support for her amazing endeavor. It was a truly amazing show, as you can see from the shots above. The horses are like poetry, so graceful and slender, sleek and shining. Their handlers moved them around the ring so expertly, and it was truly a thing to see! These are all in the yearling class, so just babies, really. They did great, considering that they’re basically toddlers!

When I was a little girl I had all the Breyer horse models. Arabians were totally my favorite. Well I outgrew them like most little girls do, but going to the horse show put me right back there and for a little while I was 12 again and delighted with all things horse. The show is HUGE. It has riding exhibitions and competitions, several rings, both indoor and outdoor, and tents full of vendors who are selling all manner of riding gear, jewelry, art, and photography. We were only there for one day, and have decided that next year we’re coming back for several because you just can’t take it all in, in a day. The show is open to the public and it’s worth the ticket price!

It wasn’t all horses in Scottsdale, either.

We found a British pub with the most fantastic fish and chips, and people shooting pool!

A simpatico place to land

Fish and chips? Delish!

The British Open Pub – so friendly and the food was really amazing. As I said, the fish and chips were great, but we also had some spicy beer cheese dip with pub chips that was kind of memorable. Really the cheese dip might have been the culinary high point of my whole year. We sent our friends back there for lunch today, and they liked it so well they went back for dinner!

Sadly, I have no pictures of the incredible sausage and beer place we visited on our second night, Brat Haus, but trust me, if you’re in Scottsdale and you want some great local and craft beers, this place is well worth visiting. It’s a few blocks up the street from the pub. Do what we did. Have your fish and chips and cheese dip, and a Guiness, then move up the street and have a flight of craft beer and finish the night off with some artisan sausages. Then stare longingly up the street at the Sugar Bowl ice cream shop, and wish you had room for a sundae. Roll on home. You’ll be so glad you did!

Alas, we had a less than stellar experience at the place next door, The Salty Senorita, but, you can’t win them all.

One high point of my Scottsdale adventure (not a culinary high point, but, an experiential high point anyway), however, was this.

Waffle House!!!

All my life I’ve heard of the famous Waffle House. I’ve heard stories about how FEMA used them as a model for disaster preparedness and I really wanted to try it! In fact, “eat at a Waffle House” iswas on my bucket list! So we headed over to a Waffle House in Scottsdale, or Tempe, or one of the little towns that are all mushed up against each other in that vast metropolitan sprawl, and we gave it a try.


I have to be honest and say that Roscoe’s still wins for waffles in my book, but, WH was not bad. An enjoyable breakfast experience with great servers, eaten with fun people and the waffle was pretty good. Plus, they’ve got about a million ways to eat hash browns. I will probably go back there on road trips.

Achievement, unlocked!!

It makes me laugh that what I found most memorable about my trip was food, food, food, and some rocks, with surprise bonus horses thrown in. But then, this is me, so it’s about right.

Now we are home (we had to stop for sushi on our way back) from the Sonoran desert and our saguaro adventure. The desert was breathtaking. I’d never been before.

Almost home


Who shot first?

And ready for Crafted in the morning! It was a GREAT trip!

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