a whole new year!

While I haven’t watched the ball drop in a decade or more, I still get awfully excited about the New Year. It’s like a new journal, all shiny and perfect with no mistakes or eraser smudges on any of the pages.

Someone asked me how I planned to top 2012 and you know, I don’t actually plan to. Because, it was stellar and amazing! Soooo much happened. The booth at Crafted opened, took off, and then we expanded. The online shop was good, I took incredible classes like the Flourish and Thrive Academy’s course for jewelry designers and the Fabrication course at Revere Academy and I grew and grew and grew. How do you make plans to top something like all of that? I don’t think you do. I think you just let the new year be what it is going to be and watch it all unfold as you go.

I don’t make resolutions, though will admit that I do secretly have a whole list of stuff I really want to do better (I think that is just in the aether and one can’t avoid it at this time of year) in 2013. A lot of things that I want to tweak or change. 2012 brought to light some hard truths I’ve had to face about myself and how I do things and there are definitely shifts I want to make in those areas. But I don’t want to resolve anything.

I’ve got my One Word all ready to go, and that one was, at least, a no brainer. One of the hard truths I had to look at recently was the fact that I’m just not having a whole lot of fun these days. I’ve been working awfully hard for the last two years and I have been oh so very focused on Honey&Ollie. I love what I do, I want to do what I do, but it’s been nothing but putting my nose to the grindstone for two years and it’s taking a toll. I think that what I’d like to bring back into focus in this shiny crisp new year is my sense of play. I want to go play more. Play in my art, play with my camera, play with the Captain, I just need to go outside and play. Something tells me that this might not be such a bad thing in terms of what I am doing in the studio, either.

But that’s all a process. For today, this first day of a whole new shiny year, I’m just going to continue to recover from the truly awful bug that felled me in the last week of 2012. The bad bug that ruined our mountain vacation, derailed my birthday and put me to bed early on New Year’s Eve. It’s Day 8 and I’m still holding down the couch. It’s not such a bad thing, actually. I needed to rest and reset, and my body has pretty much laid down the edict that I will REST until I don’t need to rest anymore. Tomorrow the Etsy store will come back online and I’ll be taking orders for One Word pendants, earrings and bracelets. I’ve got some cool new styles to show off, there. If you’re a subscriber to my mailing list, make sure to check your email… there’s a special offer for you there.

For now… for today… this first quiet day… I think I will make some tea and enjoy some time with my kitties. There’s a whole shiny crisp blank year to think about. I and all of us here at Honey&Ollie are wishing you a super happy one!

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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1 Response to a whole new year!

  1. henatayeb says:

    Glad that you had such a great year… happy new year

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