The Golden Globes? Why yes!

The Artisan Group gift guide for the GBK Golden Globes gift lounge is finally up and it is super exciting to look inside and see my name!

563677_10151386108860695_1313846180_n (1)

I sent ten pairs of copper and river stone earrings from our Urban Fetish line to be included in the Industry Mixer gift bags. These are for various industry professionals, costume and set designers, maybe folks from various studios.

The one thing I realized when I was building these is that I am really not too crazy about assembly lining things, or doing a lot of production of multiples of the same design.

531850_10151386117945695_149079131_n (1)

This is probably something I’m gonna have to get over hasta pronto, if I start doing any wholesale or large scale giftings this next year. And since both of those are on my radar, obviously that’s something to work with.

312866_10151386120115695_494234772_n (1)

I had fun designing these though, and it *was* interesting figuring out the most efficient way to put them together, then package and wrap them for the bags. Obviously time is a factor when you’re doing something like this. You want to be thoughtful and thorough, but at the same time, not waste too much time repeating actions. By the time I was done, I had a pretty good system. I’m feeling pretty good about production on my upcoming contribution to the Oscars gifting to the press and also about my Earth Day gifting to a group of 30 environmentally savvy celebs in which I have to make 30 identical pieces.

I’ve selected designs from the Urban Fetish collection for those upcoming giftings as well. In the case of the Oscars, I wanted something that would be visually similar to the Globes offerings, even though I’m not sending the exact same design. And in the case of the Earth Day gift, well, my Urban Fetish line contains natural materials like sea glass, river stones, and also recycled fine silver, as well as textiles like reclaimed sari silk that generally comes from women’s collectives in Nepal or India. Those collectives create jobs and incomes for women saved from the brothel trade or who are just very poor, at a disadvantage, in rural areas, or who are desperately in need of the work. To me, those factors all signify things that are helpful to the earth. My Urban Fetish line is also the most unisex of all my stuff, and I’m working on a design that could go for either a man or a woman – since the gift bags we’re sending are going to a collection of various folks of both genders!

I’ll have more about the Oscars pieces next month, because I’m in the process of finalizing my design and putting them together. Till then… check out our TAG gift guide and see if there’s any other great shops and artists you might want to check out!

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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