Big doings today…

Booth #116 is looking a little bit different, now that we’ve knocked down the wall between it and #117!

Lindsay Zuelich of Wood Brain, building in our storage area

For one thing, we’ve got Lindsay from Wood Brain doing some built ins for us!

Back room at the new booth

I am super excited about this. I can keep my broom and mop out of sight, for one thing! We are putting a bunch of shelving back there so I can keep back stock and supplies, plus I’ll have a little stool and TV tray so I can put up my closed sign and eat my lunch in peace and privacy on the days when it is all too overwhelming. We’re having a curtain made for the wee door space, so it will be extra private if I want it to be!

Lindsay does good work. She also custom built this counter for the owner of Old North Wind, who was previously in this space. I am repainting it and turning it into the display and sales area for our new Artisan Bead Bar. I love this because it’s mostly scrap lumber that she recycled into the counter for Justin. Now we’re repurposing it into a counter for us. We’re trying to be as green as we can in this process.

Eventually this will be a Bead Bar

It’s hard to tell, but the new space is HUGE. It’s 10×30 and so light and airy! I can’t wait till we’re all moved in.

This has been a really rough week for me in terms of time and energy. The cold and rain mean my fibro flares badly, but we’re on a tight schedule in terms of building things out so I can’t afford to take time off. The Captain is working hard at his real job before the end of year break (sadly, I cannot yet afford to pay him his appropriate day rate, and so he continues to work in film and television instead of doing disco with me in Home Depot, most days, alas!) and so it’s been a little catch as catch can with the availability of helping hands. Still, he had one day off this week and we managed to do All The Home Depot Shopping on Tuesday. Gotta love a man who spends his day off helping you pick out paint chips! The ex Mr. H&O graciously came out today on HIS day off, and was a total rock star with painting the main color on the walls. Pantalones Jr. (the Captain’s son) helped me prime the place on Wednesday, which was HIS day off.

I am surrounded by awesome people. Truly and really. So grateful!

No more building till next week and we only have two more full days of access to the site to build it out before we have to move in. I’m a little freaked out, gotta admit… but I think we’ll pull it together in time. It’s a very dramatic difference between this build and the last, I have to say. I’m not as freaked out about it being perfect as I was with our first booth, but there are some details that I’ll miss and am looking forward to adding into the new space asap. It feels a lot less momentous and a lot more oriented around, “Just git ‘er done!” this time. Next Wednesday we’ll get in and do the final coats of paint. Mon Capitan is going to help me hang the new shelves on Thursday, and then? WE MOVE! No floor till February or so as I can’t afford a floor AND a store room, and that seemed to be the more important of the two in terms of what to put in right now. But a floor is next on the list.

and with that? It is time for sleep. Busy day tomorrow!

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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