I was supposed to be working

but got busy slaying zombies instead and things got a little delayed.

I’d planned to finish my store update yesterday but got sidetracked by an impromptu D&D game. Between opening Crafted and our DM getting injured, our party had been trapped in the dungeons under Carthage for about five months, and well… it was more than past time to break out the dice is all I am saying. 12 hours later, the zombies were dead, the undead were turned, the gargoyles were tucked up snug in their beds and we all looked at the clock. 3 am. I realized that maybe I’d missed our weekly game nights.

All work and no play… isn’t that what they say? It’s kind of a family thing, actually. I play with the Captain, his son Pantalones Jr., and a grip friend of theirs. Another friend of ours from Faire used to play with us, but work and time stuff have sadly robbed us of her company. It’s a lot of fun. Great food and great company, a lot of laughs and endless cups of strong black tea. We keep asking The Youngest to play with us but she says she wants to date in her lifetime, so no thanks. I keep telling her that the kinds of boys who are worth dating won’t mind a little D&D, but so far no dice.

Get it? Dice?

Today was a quick trek down to the Port store to hang our new mirror (a custom piece made by the wood salvage guy, Sal, who also sells at Crafted) and a couple of matching, inlaid, hardwood shelves. A little rearranging in the booth and I think we’re ready for business tomorrow.


the promised Etsy update is happening tonight.

We just broke 100 listings currently up in the shop, which is kind of an exciting thing.

One of the things I’m figuring out is my old camera and new lens – I got a macro a while back and was totally unable to figure out why my depth of field hadn’t been working the way I like. I haven’t been very happy with my product photography lately, couldn’t figure out how to make it work the way I wanted.

I am the world’s most amateur photographer. I mean, I have two lenses – one is the kit lens that came with my Canon (their lowest quality DSLR) and one is a macro lens that I bought for product shots. I do not really grok the inner workings of my camera, but have at least figured out how to focus and work with the light meter and do that well enough to shoot on manual most of the time. Getting certain effects, though, has largely been a thing of dumb luck.

So I wanted to blur out the background of my product shots a bit more and the internet basically suggested… f-stops.

Oh. Em. Gee. Facepalm. Etc.


That’s right. Playing with the aperture on your camera will affect that.

I love the way the beads just pop against the background in this shot. Love the color, the detail, everything about it. I saw this and went, “YES!!” in sheer joy. Mischief managed. F-stops. Who knew? Obviously someone knew. And now I know.


To get this effect, I basically just set my aperture down to the lowest number it would go. It gives great detail up close with the macro lens, and blurs out the background, giving you a pretty narrow field of focus.

ET VIOLA. The appearance of photography knowledge!

Great product photography is important and I’m feeling a lot happier with my latest batch of shots. So the next time you are pulling your hair in frustration about crappy depth of field, well, try adjusting your aperture! It might help.

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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2 Responses to I was supposed to be working

  1. The Lab Rat says:

    PRETTIES!!!!! I Absofabulously LERVE the blue saturn earings! I hug the picture! I call mom in with sheepish “Moooom? I found pretties!” croon and show her. She says “yes, they are very beautiful!” you can slay zombies and orcs and black dwarfs (hey, not all black dwarves are just misunderstood rogues) all you want if you offer treasures like this!

  2. Marilyn says:

    love playing with aperature! good job!

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