13 Days to Crafted. Day 1 of the Big Booth Build Out.


When you drive onto the Crafted lot right now, it is very easy to feel a little bit worried. It is still very much a construction zone, and crews are working around the clock to get us ready for opening day. It is weedy and there’s a lot of mess about the place. No real signage as of yet. As you drive on, you pass Warehouse 9. This is where Phases 4 and 5 of the Crafted marketplace are going to live, and should be finished by 2013. But that isn’t where we want to go. No. We want to go to Warehouse 10.


Warehouse 10 is mostly renovated on the exterior. The new roof is on, siding is up, painting is going on, and they have to do the very top of the roof ridge. The first bay of the warehouse is all set up with booths, fans, lights, new doors and windows, and a new concrete floor. It is ready for vendor move in, though they are not yet ready to welcome the public. Not all the electrical bits are working yet, and that made today a little bit interesting. Bays 2 and 3 are where the second and third phases of Crafted’s marketplace will go in and they are still in progress. So we won’t worry about them!

Here is a shot of a relatively untouched vendor market stall.

Honey&Ollie’s new home.

Phoenix Magyck’s new home.

Very bare bones. Here, the Captain, Pantalones Jr. and The Youngest Sprog are all hard at work sanding. This second shot is not my booth, this is actually Delia Marsellos-Traister’s booth, where Phoenix Magyck will live. That cut in the wall opens into my booth. Since Delia couldn’t make it down for Day 1, we got a head start on some of the prep work for her. The walls are plywood and more than a bit rough, so we had a task to do to get them ready for painting. Some vendors already put their paint and primer up on the walls as-is, and it looks fine, but I’m going for something a little different. As I told someone, I am gonna make it nice, THEN distress it. Delia, I believe, is doing wallpaper.


After doing two 10×10 booths with wood filler today, I am really ready not to see another tub of wood filler for a while.


This is the Honey&Ollie booth. I only have one back wall and a partial wall along the interior. My cash desk is HUGE, so we have taped off the approximate area that it will occupy, so that we get used to visualizing that space as taken. The remaining walls, and the side above the cash desk is really all we’ve got for shelving. We are going to have to be VERY creative. The booth sign, 9′ long by 20″ tall, is going to hang just above the booth on that back wall. I am having it painted by a friend from Faire who is a wonderful artist, and she is essentially executing the banner from my Etsy shop, sans the tagline on either side. Poppies, and shop name. Gorgeous!


I have a pillar. There will be small floating modular displays going up this space from about 36″ and I am trying to figure out lighting for this space as it is a. not wired and b. weird. Probably I am going to do something with LED lights and battery operated, like a clip on top of a painting gallery type light.


The Honey&Ollie Girl, once she is framed, is going to live on this small front wall. People will see her the second they walk in the side door. We will have some sort of display on either side of her, but I haven’t sorted out what that will look like yet.

I’d originally planned for two walls along each side but Delia and I swapped booth spaces at the last minute, and I am having to rethink my displays a little bit as a result. I’m so happy with all the gorgeous natural light that streams into my booth from the adjacent window. Delia really wanted the interior wall and I was not as married to that, but the light… oh the light. I use so many gemstones and so much art glass, the light was really something I wanted. Her booth opens up on a corridor which will bring lots of traffic her way, and my booth has that open side and the door, with a walk through. I think we are going to be seeing some very nice foot traffic as a result of both of these things.

It was one of those serendipitous and cooperative things where we each got exactly what we wanted.

Can I just say how happy I am that my booth neighbor is also my bestie and teacher and mentor? Holy cow.


I am really fine with some on the fly logistical changes. Because these walls are cool! And the window! Look at the light!


I am knitting or sewing some kind of fabulous cosy for the !@# fire hose, because that vinyl cover is just plain ugly. I am going to have it say “FIRE HOSE” in black glitter sparkle letters. But, it will not be ugly. It will be FABULOUS. Besides, we’re crafters, we need fire hose cosies.

After we did wood fill on both my booth and Delia’s, we textured all of my walls with spackle. Or, as I texted in error today, sparkle. Heh. This is not a ton of rough texture, but rather, something a little subtle. It allowed us to smooth out some of the rough areas of the boards and hide the screws that were used to put the plywood in place. It will work nicely with my paint treatment to heighten the interplay between the base color and top coat. I thought it was a rather elegant solution to the awful rough plywood, actually, and am rather glad that Captain Sexypants suggested it. It means we didn’t have to spend another two days with the rotary sander. We are both, as you can imagine, really tired of sanding things.

Tomorrow we are going to do a little finish work (ugh and probably some more sanding), then priming the booth walls (mine for sure and possibly Delia’s) and laying down the first coat of heavy cream colored paint in my booth with a roller. On Monday, the plan is to lay down the darker ‘texture’ coat with a stiff brush. At some point in the next week I’ve got to settle on flooring, buy it, and install it. Then it’s really just a matter of moving the cash desk in, figuring out where we want to hang shelves, and cutting/staining/hanging them.

We are taking our time and doing it right. We have two more weeks till move in, and I just know it’s worth being meticulous about.

More shots of the next phase tomorrow or Monday!

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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  1. It’s going to be amazing. I’m really excited for you. : ) That open side wall would be the perfect location to do an open counter top display. Good luck.

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