Day Two of Craftcation in which I missed another mixer

I slept through Happy Hour and missed another mixer.

Okay. I might have sort of meant to sleep through Happy Hour.

Well see, not exactly What I mean is, I didn’t exactly sleep through Happy Hour on purpose with intent. I figured, if I woke up in time for Happy Hour then I’d go down to the hotel bar where the mixer was happening. The terrifying mixer. I had a plan! My plan was, I was putting my mixer attendance in the hands of the gods, and fate, and random chance and also whether or not I would wake up from my fibro-fogged, exhausted, not feeling so hot, nap. Obviously, the gods had other plans.

Like they so often do.

I made it into two completely amazing workshops today! Met up with the totes adorable Rachel from CRAFTED at the one on email marketing (don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into a spam monster now that I am armed with all this knowledge, but I might just develop a super awesome monthly newsletter with secret sales and coupons for my loyal Honey&Ollie pals) put on by the folks at Mail Chimp. I also took an incredible workshop on DIY PR with a really fun speaker. We were treated to an hour of the charming Gustavo Arellano (author of the column “Ask a Mexican” and an editor at the OC Weekly). He primarily focused on topics like working with the print media, press releases, how to get into magazines, etc – but delved into some other areas as well. Things like, talk to people at mixers instead of looking at your shoes!


Um. Yeah.

Obviously I back-burnered that point.

There was another workshop on social marketing that came after his, one that I was dying to catch, but that’s when the nap attacked me.

I’d planned to hit another workshop on SEO earlier in the day as well, but I was out getting lost in Ventura trying to find a CVS pharmacy, and didn’t make it back to the hotel until exactly when Gustavo’s talk was happening. Really bummed I missed the SEO. That would have been good to know. But, I needed Stuff From A Pharmacy. Priorities sometimes mean we have to make choices. Choices mean sometimes we miss SEO in favor of toothpaste.

Tomorrow it is all financial stuff and that’s what I really want to be 100% healthy and alert for.

On a personal note and all humor aside, it’s been a really challenging two days. I’m full on in the grips of what might be the worst flare I’ve had in over a year, with all the attendant things that come with that. I’m far from home, missing my kid, missing my cats, missing Captain Sexypants and there is this very busy schedule going on. It is proving to be a most challenging exercise in self care. Which brings me to my new blog series – self care for the crafty and DIY, for entrepreneurs who are also dealing with the reality of chronic pain and illness. I’ll be posting that in April. A lot of us work from home at creative businesses precisely because we deal with challenging life issues like chronic illness, pain, maybe we’re caring for a child or an elderly parent. Self care is important. If you’re anything like me, it’s a constant balancing act and something like this throws you all out of whack.

I miss this face.


And this face.


And this one.


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