link love – the real cost of handmade

I almost never link to stuff like this, but this was so well written, so well put… she said it way better than I ever could.

The true cost of handmade. by Somer Sherwood.

Testify, sister.

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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8 Responses to link love – the real cost of handmade

  1. deliamt says:

    k… I cruised by, feel in love, engaged in negativity a little and feel in love some more. Thanks for sharing this.

    AND NOW beyond the hats you create that I covet, there’s a NEW ONE!

    xo – D

  2. TheLabRat says:

    YES, you and Somer sell yourselves short with the prices of your gifts (THEY ARE GIFTS for other people – WE (myself and the rest of the non-gifted world) do enjoy, admire, lust after your preciousnesses. That hat is WONDERFUL!! and there are copious amounts of beauties at Etsy that I would absolutely adore to have!!) – no big-box stores could afford to sell them for cheaper with all the expensive materials, individualized attention to detail, artistic ability and love that goes into each item. Unless they have per-lot deals with foreign countries. And then everyone in the world would have the exact same thing on their heads, backs, feet, wrists, necks… whatever. I admire the preciousnesses that Rain puts up, make respectful note in my head of their prices (Too high right now for my pocket, but LOW considering the time, attention, training, latent and nurtured artistic talent and pocket cost that goes into each item!!!) and hope, with all my heart, that I will be able to bring one home soon. I won’t ask for discounts, because that demeans Rain’s efforts, and the necklace’s or earings’ worth.

    The thing that this bitter-grapes ‘non-customer’ woman wasn’t realizing was that she was putting down something that was unique, wonderful, full of love, HIGH-QUALITY, long-lasting… and MADE IN AMERICA!!! It makes me spitting-cat mad to think that people like this think they can wander into a craft booth, get their grubby mitts all over these beautiful crafts, sneer at the prices and ruin the hour of a hard-working, honest crafter. Because she can get a foreign-made, good-for-a-season piece of crap for a quarter the price. Be gone with her. She is Not Worthy. People that come to the booths, admire respectfully, carefully select a piece that fits their personality, and pay the worthy price for it so they can admire, and be admired in it for YEARS to come. THOSE are the Worthy Ones. And may all crafters and booth-renters have many many Worthies this holiday season and for months and years to come. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

    • Rainy says:

      Can you be at my next show when a grumpy customer disses my work? Please? I just want to sit back and hear you say all this out loud!! xo

  3. Andria says:

    Thanks for sharing Somer’s post. I just participated in my first craft fair experience, and pricing things is a major challenge. I enjoyed hearing Somer’s perspective, and was blown away by the crazy conversation that ensued in her comments section!

    By the way, I have just recently found your blog, and the mandala tutorial in the sidebar has been SUPER-helpful to me. The henna pattern site you link to is AMAZING, and I’ll be blogging my mandala progress within a couple of weeks. Thanks for your help in this pursuit!

  4. An essential post!! Big thank you for sharing it with us, dear Rainy! xo
    Annie Trixie

    • Rainy says:

      I think it applies to things like carefully grown organic teas and things that are good for the earth too… yeah, you can get lipton at the market for $5 for 200 bags. But, that $30/#1 box of Yunnan grown in a carefully nurtured field in China where the owners have paid special attention to the soil and the weather and there are hundreds of years of growing experience going into the leaf? It’s worth eveyr penny.

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