fie! and all that…

It was a wonderful, complicated, difficult and intense weekend at the Ren Faire this week, and I think it was that way for most of the actors and staff. There’s a lot that goes on backstage and behind the scenes that the public is never aware of – as it should be – and sometimes it is not all fun. But what I think is amazing about the folks who put the faire on each year (my own group and the rest of ’em) is that no matter what is happening back stage, folks really pull together and make it amazing for our guests. The show must go on, they say, and it really does. I love being surrounded by such stellar, professional performers. People bring a lot of good to the table, and without that I think the show would not be half as great.

One of the highlights of Saturday was an impromptu set of Celtic dancing by two of our guild members – a mother and son who are both amazing dancers. As they danced in the late afternoon sunlight, a rather large crowd of spectators and musicians gathered ’round. It was one of those unexpected, utterly magical moments that only happen at Faire.

Shelley and Michael dance

Michael dancing

Shelley dancing

and another highlight was a performance on our Cott steps by the wonderful musical group Wren of Iniquity.

Wren of Iniquity

All the members of Wren are fellow guild members of Saint Helena’s, and they were there to perform for a handfasting of another two of our lot. It was pretty great (and I didn’t get any shots of the bride or groom, because someone’s hat kept getting in my way) and the Queen herself made a surprise visit to wish the happy couple well!

The Queen

The Port Deptford Department of Public Works came out and fixed the bog in front of our cott. It was getting very muddy and it was nice to see the team hard at work on our behalf.

Mind the Bog

All this and I haven’t even gotten to Sunday’s shots yet! No wonder I’m tired…

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