dainty tidbits

I am so excited by the new line that is coming off the bench this week! I got some feedback from a happy client who said that while she loved her earrings… the earwires were a little big. This makes sense, they are, I like ’em oversized and make them that way on purpose… but that look isn’t for everyone.

I sat down at the bench with some commercial earwires for reference and came up with something I think will suit.

This sparked some thought about how maybe folks who like smaller wires might prefer something less swingy, so I got out some of my smaller brios and began to play.

pink opal

And thus, The Dainties were born.

All In A Bowl

The Dainties feature conventionally sized earwires and smaller stones. They have a more subtle, monochromatic look.


I’ll be making conventionally sized OR oversized earwires an option on all shop listings from now on. People with a preference one way or another can choose when they order and just leave me a note to seller.


It is not a bad thing, to listen. Sometimes it leads you down a pretty new design path.


And speaking of “pretty” and “new” I’ve got the most amazing stones going up in the shop next week! Rubies, fire opals, lemon quartz… I’ve been playing around with ideas for my earring club (there are still two final spots left in the Etsy shop but as of April 1 they will be gone) and I am trying to decide whether to treat my first club members to sapphires or to emeralds… decisions are hard!


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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6 Responses to dainty tidbits

  1. Georgi L. Wellington says:

    love them, they are gorgeous

  2. Kitwench says:

    Glad to hear you’ll offer both options. :)!
    I have lil ears and love very dangly earrings

  3. Anne says:

    YAY! I was thrilled when I saw the smaller ones for sale in your shop, and I am very tempted to get a pair for my mum’s upcoming birthday. Both she and I like the smaller danglies – what a great idea to offer those too!

  4. knitnana says:

    Not only do I like the smaller wires, but a concern I have (as an older gal who has had pierced ears for 40+ years) is that heavy earrings pull the hole in my ear and it’s stretching. So I only pick up LIGHTWEIGHT ones now…must as I love the look of the heavier ones, it’s not a pretty sight to see the hole stretched way down…
    You do make such lovely stuff!

  5. Marilyn says:

    I just love all of what you do, but my favorites are the ones with purple. After I am through traveling I really must order some from you. Love them.

  6. That’s it, I’m re-piercing my ears… Must… have… Dainties!! xo

    p.s. Rainy, it is so exciting to see what’s rollin’ off your workbench. Absolutely inspiring and glorious. Please continue, no matter what.

    p.p.s. Could I pleeeez find out how to get me one o’ them pretty links to your blog so I can paste it on my blog? Lovely MM has one, I want one, too!!!

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