Mr. Chicken Is Scary When He’s Angry.

On Monday over at the Dreamlab we were asked to identify a “numbing behavior” and cut it out for the week. Well I don’t know about you, but for me that’s definitely Facebook and mindless web-surfing. I could noodle around on the internet for hours (and frequently I do). To say that I wasn’t really thrilled at the idea of giving up Facebook for a week would be putting it mildly. To be honest, it totally freaked me out.

Knowing that cutting it out would end like every diet I have ever started, I decided to commit to cutting back instead. I came up with a Clever Facebook And Internet Time Management Strategy. It involves Mr. Chicken.

Mister Chicken

Okay technically I guess that’d be MISSUS Chicken, but ’round here we don’t believe gender is binary and Missus Chicken is definitely a Mister inside. Let me tell y’all, you do not want to piss Mr. Chicken off. That beak looks lethal. Right? Most terrifying chicken ever.

Initially I felt anxious and worried. I felt like I might miss something important. It has been hard not logging back in. I failed miserably yesterday – though I made myself log back OUT each time. To paraphrase Youngest Offspring, this failure means I should persevere. Actually what she said was, “This is indicative of a larger problem, crazy internet addicted lady.”

And I will. Because despite the massive amounts of freefloating anxiety about THE WORLD OF FACEBOOK GOING ON WITHOUT ME (!!!) I actually have felt more focused and had more mental space for ideas. I feel nourished by that. Facebook? Facebook is like a ginormous cream filled internet snack cake. It is not nourishing.

I really like getting stuff DONE.

The Virgin Mary Secretly Dreams Of Fun Pajamas

I also like snack cakes a lot (like, late at night hiding behind the pantry door, when no one is awake, so they cannot mock my Hostess cupcake consumption), but I digress. I mean to say that moderation is good.

The other thing I’ve noticed? A lot of that free floating stuff is easier to redirect when I’m being more intentional about my day. When I’m filling my brain with more nourishing things, I just don’t have the mental space or the time to chew on how I been done wronged or what’s pissing me off today or the 80 foot grasshopper behind Door #3. That doesn’t suck, kids.

Dream Of Outside

So I’ll ask you. What do you do that takes you away from your life, the life you want to be living? What thing is it that eats up your life force and the hours in your day? And ask yourself, is it something you’d be willing to look at or make adjustments to?

Leave me a comment, let me know.

Oh, and? Quick shout out about this e-course over at Simply Rebecca called Encapsulate. It looks wicked cool, and it’s amazingly well priced. I got it for my sister in law, as a new baby gift. You might want to mosey on over there and check it out, if you like photography and have littles, it seems like a Do Not Miss kind of course. You should stay tuned here too, because there might be something shiny in relation to this course, posted on my blog, rather soonish.


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13 Responses to Mr. Chicken Is Scary When He’s Angry.

  1. I spend entirely too much time on the computer when I’m home. I could be reading, or spinning, or knitting, or spending time with my husband – all of which make me feel happier and prouder to accomplish something, and often more centered. Instead I’m on Ravelry chatting. I may have to start trying to withdraw in my home hours more…

    • Rainy says:

      Ravelry is sort of crack. I am temporarily avoiding it. I cannot go on Ravelry or I will not get anything done. It makes me sad because all my friends are there. I think I’m gonna start allowing myself an hour of Rav time on weekends.

  2. Phoe says:

    I spend way too much time online. I have a set time where I should do various online things and then go do something else. But the something else just keeps getting pushed back. I can blame it on lack of spoons to some degree. But beyond that is just sheer avoidance. It is easier to be discontent and try and cover it up than to be discontent and have to sit there with it.

    • Rainy says:

      Spoons make it hard. The days that I am hurting a lot are days that it’s easy to get sucked into the laptop. I have to allow myself room for that. But yes, avoidance and numbing, good to look at that stuff. Brene Brown, the woman who wrote the book this Dreamlab class is based on talks about how when we numb the bad stuff, we also numb our JOY.

  3. Mary says:

    I have a tendency to inertia, but this means I sometimes do whatever I’m doing for too long. Like I wanted to make sure I got work done today, so I totally scheduled a lawn-mowing, but I didn’t stop when I’d had too much, so now I’m totally sore and it’ll be hell to manage my other chore, organize a lot of the living room. When I lie down to rest, I sometimes think half an hour will be good and sometimes it isn’t, sometimes it needs to turn into more, but sometimes it becomes *reload*reload*reload* — but I still need to rest. (Chronic illness – not my favorite thing.) Just how, that’d not mindless? And sometimes two reloads are okay but four are a little much and six are mindless and useless.

    So I need target that spot between enough and too much, between mindful and mindless, that sweet spot.

  4. Mouse says:

    Thankfully I’m not addicted to Facebook but I’m addicted (in a bad way) to the internet in general. I can *definitely* spend HOURS and HOURS on the internet every day- which really isn’t getting ANYTHING else done. I’ve thought about installing one of those programs that won’t let you go online for more than “x” amount of time (they’re those productivity app things…) but I’m afraid of going ‘cold turkey’ from the internet.

    • Rainy says:

      Ravelry is dangerous to me. Blog surfing. A lot of the net is just a big danger zone!

      I don’t believe in cold turkey from anything, honestly. It’s better to just try to slowly add in mindfulness. More sustainable.

  5. Victorianrose23 says:

    Oh, my dear, how I love you. You occupy a special place in my heart and every time you post, it just makes me love you more. 🙂

  6. vivupnorth says:

    The Encapsulate course looks great! If Viv were T+3 months instead of T-3 months I’d be in the bedroom waving my laptop like a crazy woman at my sleeping husband and babbling about the benefits of capturing childhood memories. As for numbing activities, like others, I spend way too much time online. Granted, I get loads of inspiration from some pretty neat websites and blogs, but it’s still a whole lot of browsing that prevents that inspiration from actually turning into anything productive. Guess I need a Mr. Chicken, too.

  7. Tammy says:

    Like the rest of us, too much time on-line, but it’s like a bowl of jelly beans, with 1000 flavors. When my physical energy is zapped, my mental energy is still very much energized. Another poor use of time for me is over-analyzing decisions. And I LOVE that you use the word WICKED. Great post.

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