when pigs fly.

flying pigs

impossible things can happen.

[Day 15 of 30]
I am grateful for the vision and willingness to allow impossible, wonderful things to happen. They happen every day, all around me, to me and because of me.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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2 Responses to when pigs fly.

  1. CambriaW says:

    I love the ornament. And to add to the “thankfulness”, my husband made dinner for the boys while I was at work, and they all ate dinner at the table as a family. I’m really thankful for that.

  2. just stopping by from misty’s class! it’s nice to meet you! i’m loving all of the color here on your blog! the photos are beautiful!

    best wishes,

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