30 Days With A Grateful Heart – Day One

wide front porch

I love this idea. I try to be grateful every day, because we are so blessed with so many things, people, friends, a loving family, security, enough to eat. But I love what is going on over at Bless Her Heart right now. 30 days of gratitude.

I am starting a little late. But I’m going to play along. It’s a great way to end 2010 and a great way to bring in the year to come.

I’m grateful for our beautiful house, here in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. I’m grateful for the redwood tree, our deodar cedars, the wide shady front porch, our grass and the fact that we are happy here. I am grateful that we feel safe here again, 99% of the time, that the trauma of the break-in has mostly gone away and that we do not start at every little noise any more. I am grateful that all the kitties, tuxedo or otherwise, are happy and secure here.

There was a time when we thought we’d live in our sad little West LA apartment forever. I’m grateful for the time we spent there that makes it so much easier to really appreciate what we have now, to not take it for granted.

I’m grateful for what this place has afforded us. It gave #1 Daughter the proximity to her culinary school, a place she’d have never chosen if we’d stayed in West LA. Now she’s graduated and gone on to great things. It has given me back the Faire, which I never would have agreed to work if I had to commute from Culver City. Faire brought me friends, it brought me family, a rebirth of sorts. I met my sweetheart there and there isn’t a single day that doesn’t go by that I’m not incredibly grateful for the love, laughter and growth that he has brought into my life. It has given #2 Daughter (birth order, never second in any other way) a lovely place to finish going to school, and prompted her to get over her hatred of all public transportation. She’s more independent. She is braver and stronger now – because we live here and in order to get there she had to confront her fears and get herself where she wanted to go.

Casa Fabulous is our home, our foundation, and a great place to start.

About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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