bamboo hat

Well, this may not be the most flattering of photos, but I don’t particularly care… the hat looks mag.

Silly hat, early morning

This is knit from my Fat Cat Knits “little luxuries” November fiber club offering – silk, bamboo and merino wool. Not technically shatnez, thank G-d, as it is not wool and linen, though it *is* wool and a plant fiber and a… bug… fiber? At any rate, I don’t follow that prohibition, but I’d be heartbroken if I ever decided to do so and had to lose the hat!

It is squishy and floppy and warm. The yarn wound up being about a bulky weight/gauge, and I improvised the pattern. Knit on it through the showing of The Blind Side, and cast off when I got home. OMG decreases in the dark, y’all.

TOP of silly hat

So excited I had to take a picture this morning, just rolled out of bed, in PJs, haven’t even combed mah hair! What would Grandma say???

C/O 68 st. of your bulky handspun on 16″ #10 circs.
Knit 2×2 rib until it’s about 1.5″
Increase row 1 – inc. (kfb) into every 10th stitch.
Increase row 2 – knit straight
Increase row 3 – inc. (kfb) into every 10th stitch.
Increase row 4 – knit straight
Increase row 5 – inc (kfb) into every 10th stitch.
You can increase a few more or you can leave it be at this point, depending on how slouchy you want the hat. I was happy at this point and stopped increasing.
Knit st st straight until the hat is WHOAH a little big, y’all, like 9-10″ long, and you need to start decreasing because you’re gonna run out of yarn.
decrease row #1 – Dec. every 10 stitches.
decrease rows 2-3 – knit straight
decrease row 4 – dec. every 8 stitches
decrease rows 5-6 – knit straight
decrease row 7 – dec. every 6 stitches
decrease rows 8-9 – knit straight
decrease rows 10 – dec. every 4 stitches
decrease rows 11-12 – knit straight
decrease row 13 – dec every 2 stitches
decrease row 14 – knit straight
Run tail of yarn through stitches left on circular needle 2x and cinch the back of the hat closed. It will gather a lot. Floppy and faaabulous.

I turn 40 tomorrow. Holy cow. How in the sam hill did that happen?


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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  1. Mouse says:

    Happy Birthday! My mom shares a birthday with you as well..

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