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I am not sure to what I owe the sudden surge in traffic, but, hey, that’s kind of neat that people are reading! Welcome!

It’s been a real doozy of a week, and it is only Thursday. I am a little gobsmacked by how much has been packed in to just a few short days.

First there were final exams. Which are, thankfully, now over. I am not sure about how the algebra exam went, but I think it went okay. Grades get posted next week, so we shall see. The anatomy exam went great and I walked out of the class with a 99% average for the semester. I missed 11 lectures due to illness (my own, or the children’s) over the course of the semester. That’s a lot. You’re only supposed to miss 4, max. Fortunately, because of H1N1 season, the school was being really flexible about illness-based absences this term, and my professor was a total rock star about it. Plus, ya know, I worked my arse off. I am (justifiably, I think) really really proud of that grade. It came with a lot of tears, from a lot of hard work, in the face of a lot of bad days.

The humans are not the only ones at Casa Fabulous getting sick, oh no. Now the cats all have colds. I spent last night at the emergency vet clinic with Mittens von Skitterspants of the Good Ship HMS Fabulous. Now, Mittens is in the regular vet hospital on ivs, and Honey de la Crankypants and Charlie Bukatski are both on Clavamox and in isolation. Princess Bonbon Fluffypants Von Schnufflestein and Professor Oliver Rumblestein, PhD (Doctor of Purrology) both seem to have gotten over their bouts okay. Let me tell you, you have not lived until you’ve taken a trio of sick, sneezing, drippy, pissed off cats to the vet in one go. It is times like these that I am reminded of 2 things.

1. 5 cats is a lot of cats.
2. Pet insurance. I really need to get some.

Despite it all, or maybe because of it all, I’ve gotten a nice whack of knitting done on my Lacy Baktus [Ravelry], knit in my own handspun.

lacy baktus, about 30%

Finally, I’ve had some time to read (at the vet clinic, natch), and started to read The Namesake which has only been on my TBR pile for… well, never mind, that’s embarrassing.

And now? it is time for a nap. Or perhaps hot buttered rum… I don’t have to crack a textbook for 4 weeks. Let the holidays commence…


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  1. Anne says:

    Whew! That IS a lot of sick kitties at once. Hope everyone at your house is on the mend and you can get a little R&R of your own!

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