Simply Lovely Shawl

So this might be considered my Chanukah gift to myself, I cast it off last night.

handspun shawl done 1

Laura Chau’s Simple Yet Effective Shawl [ravelry link] done up in my handspun. Half a skein of Oliver New and one full skein of Lovesick, dyed by Funky Carolina; A full skein of Mephistopheles, dyed by Pigeonroof Studios; About a quarter of a skein of Amor, dyed by Becoming Art.

It’s not a large shawl, just perfect for slipping over one’s shoulders on a chilly winter day. Rustic and thick, it is exactly what I was hoping for when I started knitting!

Mods: cast off with a picot point cast off, did one picot every 5 stitches. Will pin them out when blocking.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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6 Responses to Simply Lovely Shawl

  1. redfear says:

    It’s beautiful! Warm, cozy, precisely the type of thing you automatically reach for when needing warmth inside and out. Happy Chanukah!

  2. Wendy says:

    Gorgeous! I love when different handspun yarns are mixed together in one project, too. Makes me want to get back to my Bettna sweater (almost).

  3. Mouse says:

    *drools* Its awesome! I love the colors & its even more fabulous that its in handspun! Happy Chanukah!

  4. anniesue says:

    Your colour choices are amazing – beautiful work.

  5. Marilyn says:

    I love it! Beautiful! Your handspinning is wonderful.

  6. Elianah-Sharon says:

    That’s gorgeous!

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