Wild Rice and Turkey Soup

Recipe of great post-Thanksgiving Goodness
from my Jewish Slow Cooker cookbook by Laura Frankel which you can get off Amazon for a reasonable price, and, which rocks of a muchness and makes my life so much more zen and groovy when it comes to dinnertime.

You will need…
Olive oil
Celery stalks, diced
carrots, peeled and diced
mushrooms (can use a variety of whatever, today I had baby bellas so I used those)
1 white onion, chopped small
a shallot *my addition
4 cloves of garlic *my addition
white wine of some variety you like
1 oz dried porcini mushrooms (I did not have these today, woe, woe, thrice woe, and woe is me again)
wild rice (1 cup for a small slow cooker, 2 cups for a biggun)
basmati or jasmine rice (1/2 cup for a small slow cooker, 2 cups for a biggun)
5 cups or so turkey stock or chicken stock or veggie stock, but if you are making this post TG then you probably have turkey stock up the wazoo so use that.
bouquet garni
diced leftover turkey (however much you feel like adding, because using up leftover turkey is, of course, the point)
kosher salt
chopped fresh parsley to garnish

Amounts are relative – use more if you have a large crockpot, or less if you have a small one. You know what will fit in your own crockpot so go forth and fill it!

Dump your wild rice and basmati into the crock pot and turn that sucker on to low. On a pan on the stove, meanwhile, saute the onions, shallots, garlic, carrots, celery, and mushrooms in olive oil until they look about right and then dump in some white wine to deglaze the pan. Throw that all into the pot on top of the rice. Add your turkey stock and bouquet garni. Cook on low for about 5 hours until the wild rice has split open and softened. Throw in your diced turkey at this point and cook for another 30 minutes or so while you make some muffins or bake some rolls and put together a salad. And drink the rest of the wine.

The book suggests you can remove 2 cups of the broth with rice and puree in a blender and then add back to the soup to make this very chowdery. It is good, yes, so do that.

Ladle the soup into bowls and eat with much NOMMING and happiness.



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1 Response to Wild Rice and Turkey Soup

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for this – it looks great. I actually have some wild rice and I’ve been trying to decide what to use it in. This looks perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

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