Bunny and Morro Rock

Fantastic trip.

We totally ate like wee piggies…
Ethiopian on Telegraph Fried cheese at Fenton's. Kind of a tradition. Huitres et pommes frites
smoked salmon bruschetta Fentons Chocolate Ice Cream Soda Bunny contemplates mocha at Crepevine

Which made me very happy! I’m especially happy in this shot because everyone else was eating raw oysters and I played the kosher card for all it was worth. I really dislike raw oysters. The taste is ok, but it’s a textural thing. The girlie, OTOH, ballsed up and slurped down shellfish with the big girls.

In this shot, I am fervently grateful to be Jewish Emily eats a raw oyster

We did nothing but eat for 6 days. Holy cow. I think I gained ten pounds. Then, I think I walked it all off. Our hotel was 6 blocks from the UC Berkeley campus, right on Telegraph. We tromped everywhere, took BART under the Bay, saw good friends and did I mention the food? Korean, Ethiopian, Fenton’s ice cream, the Crepevine in Rockridge, oysters, salmon bruschetta and pommes frites in San Francisco, Peet’s Coffee and of course, Zachary’s pizza pies…

Zachary's pies

The whole point of this little trip, though, was to acquaint the girlie with the UC Berkeley campus and give her a taste of what she might get to enjoy if she keeps her grades up and works hard for the remainder of high school. It seems to have taken.
Em on steps of Wheeler

I really miss Berkeley. I have to admit that by the second day of our trip I was entertaining thoughts of going back there to live one day. It is one of a handful of places on this earth that truly feel like Home to me. Oh… and… I might have acquired a thousand yards of laceweight pashmina and eight hundred yards of silk/merino laceweight plus some bone dpns at Lacis, there on Adeline @ Ashby. There’s a ton of other yarn stores which we didn’t make it to. I may have to take a second trip.


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1 Response to HOME!

  1. Marilyn says:

    Berkeley would indeed suit you and girlie well. But I keep thinking you will keep coming north to Portland.

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