It might have been a week of wonderful

My dad has been in town all week, so I’ve been pretty much out of touch with everyone. We had a great visit. Naturally, I didn’t take any pictures as I was too busy, but trust me on this one, it was epic. We saw Star Trek (second time for me), went to the automotive museum and there was a Memorial Day BBQ that was filled with pork, pie and awesome. We’ve had such a nice visit.

Funky Trove Dragonfibers and Yarn Chef
There might have been some fiber in the mail…

I might be finding this post to be completely enchanting, inspiring and seductive as far as making over my comfy knitting chair goes.

Mulberry wosted
I might have done a little spinning…

The flowers might be rioting…

Namaste Laguna/Buddy
And someone awesome might have given me a gift certificate for the Namaste bag I’ve been coveting for like, a whole year.

Now, of course, Dad is back on the highway and into the redwoods. For us it is back to real life, school, mopping the kitchen and cleaning up after the cats. But I don’t mind. I’ve had such a delightful minibreak. The girlie is off to Escondido later this week for a visit with friends, daughter the first is bringing home fresh danish this afternoon, there’s plenty of fiber in the bins, the porch is wide and cool for spinning and my basket is full of knitting. There’s no might about it, for all of this, as ever, I am profoundly grateful.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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1 Response to It might have been a week of wonderful

  1. Marilyn says:

    It is good to notice the things we are grateful for. Good to hear you had a great visit with your dad.

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