The world keeps on spinning

and so do I…

My creation

There’s something so soothing about spindling and it is also a lot more fun than matrix math or studying cell respiration. It might be that there has been some Extreme Procrastination going on, here and there, Chez Honey and Ollie.

Top: Zen Yarn Garden BFL, spun on my Spindlewood (not sure how much this one weighs but I’m going to guess about 1 oz, ballpark, maybe a bit lighter?) using the ply on the fly technique. I’d thought to do a 2 ply laceweight, originally, but I really love this as a sturdier 3 ply, so that’s what I am making.

Bottom: Spunky Eclectic Falkland in “Acadia”, spun up on my other Spindlewood (1.5 oz) which I may have just bought last week because every spindle I owned was full or being used to ply and I kind of fell in love with the tulipwood on their site and couldn’t help myself. This one is becoming a 2 ply yarn for socks. I am kind of irritated that I am *still* not getting enough plying twist in – but it is a learning process, the yarn is lovely, and it will be perfectly functional.

I am really more of a project oriented knitter these days, seeing as how I’ve mastered most of the skill sets I set out to master in knitting. There’s tons I still have to learn and when I get inspired to try something new/jump back on a learning curve it’ll once again be all about the process. I enjoy that. Maybe what I am finding so compelling about spindling at the moment is that it is definitely all about the process and every moment is a learning moment. The product, while something I am trying to get to with intention, is secondary to the experience of understanding the fiber and why it is doing what it is doing.

We’re always growing, aren’t we. I think that perhaps it is not that I am as ADD as all that, so much as I just really enjoy following my creative bliss down whatever path it happens to want to stumble at any given time. I am happiest when I’m letting that be a fluid process, without too much emphasis on productivity. This is why I never made doing my pottery my full time job, even though I think I could have made a very nice living doing so. In recent days, I’ve begun to reconsider that decision. I may start stocking the Etsy store, as I really haven’t got time for a full time job working outside the home. might be getting busy in a few weeks. Let’s hope the damn recession doesn’t mean people have totally stopped buying beautiful and useful things. God, do I really have time to get back on the craft show circuit? I think I might have to.

My creation

As of this week, our youngest is once again on home study, this time through a chichi private school in Ojai that has an online high school. She has to begin the 9th grade all over again, poor baby, as she missed too much time in brick and mortar school due to her migraines. She’ll be able to catch up to her class by her senior year if she works hard. No real summer vacations for a few years. I am once again her main teacher and companion, though this time we will be following a rigorous and very structured college prep curriculum that is not of my own creation. My own schooling will have to be pushed to the late afternoon/night and weekend classes that I can get – not too hard. Most of my prerequisites are available at odd times. Hopefully by the time I am ready to apply to nursing school and need to work M-F clinicals, she ought to be a little more self directed and used to the routine. We won’t be mainstreaming her back into regular high school again. It’s obvious that she does better in alternative forms of education. But, that does mean I need to focus my moneymaking energy onto things I can do around here, between studying and helping her.

Because the world, it is still doing the spinny thing. You just have to be flexible around it so you can live inside and eat real food and pay tuition.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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3 Responses to The world keeps on spinning

  1. Mouse says:

    I realize that its been a baudzillion years since we talked about this but if you still would like me to do your graphics for your Etsy shop please let me know. I’d still be happy to do it.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Good luck with new challenges!

  3. Phoe says:

    I still love and adore your pottery.

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