2009 Basket O Shame Along…

Ok my dearies, as I cannot do this alone and things are always better shared (so said Spider Robinson anyway), I’ve decided to run a little blog contest. Well, not actually a contest. More like, an incentive program.


Welcome to the 2009 Basket O Shame Along.


Here’s how it works. Leave a comment. Be honest. Tell me (did I mention, BE HONEST!) what is in YOUR basket o shame, and make a blog post on your blog listing your basket o shame projects. And then start to finish them. For every Shameful Unfinished Object you finish, I will mail you a stitch marker. But not just any stitch marker. A fabulous handmade pearl and/or semiprecious stone and/or art glass stitchmarker. Trust me, they’re gorgeous. SO if you finish 5 projects, at the end of the year you will have accumulated 5 gorgeous little stitch markers. If you only finish 1, well, that’s one marker more than you had, right? For some reason, I’d deleted all the photos I had of the most recent batch, but I found a picture of them here.

Stitch markers

So. YOUR job is to finish as many projects in your Basket O Shame as you feel like finishing. MY job is to send you one of these little beauties for every one you finish. Kind of a WINNING situation, non?

The Rules:
1. Be honest and complete in your accounting!

2. Only knitted items count for prizes. You can count all your UFOs in any craft, but I can only reward actual knitting, cos otherwise it’d be ridiculous probably.
3. This is not a “finish it all before you start something new.” thing. Start whatever you want. Don’t care. This is more like, “You will get a cookie if you finish those socks that have been languishing. Plus, you’ll totally have new socks!” or a sweater or a scarf or a hat or a shawl.
4. You must submit photographic evidence of finished objects!
5. Finished objects must be the whole project. So, you have to finish both socks in a pair, both mittens in a pair, etc. Which, hey, if you already have one sock finished, that’s like a total gimme, so what are you waiting for? Get finishing!
6. Finished means finished. No unwoven ends. No unseamed, er, seams.
7. The Basket O Shame Along will run from today until December 31 2009. As long as I have your picture of a finished project by 11:59 on Dec. 31st, you will be rewarded.
8. ONLY projects that are currently on needles/languishing as of today, March 14, 2009 and that are listed in your initial accounting are eligible. So be thorough. It’d suck if you missed some ginormous alpaca cabled thing done on 00 needles languishing at the bottom of your bins and then didn’t get a cookie for the heroic slog of finishing it!
9. Projects finished before today, March 14th 2009, do not count. Or rather, you can count them in your 2009 total, but I will not count them in your prize total.
10. Cut off is 50 participants. Not that I think I am going to get 50 knitters interested in this, but just in case one of those weird viral internet things occurs, I need to protect my retirement assets and postage adds up. So, spread the word if you like, the more the merrier and the more fun it is! I’ll let y’all know when I have to draw the line


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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34 Responses to 2009 Basket O Shame Along…

  1. datagoddess says:

    Pushy, pushy, pushy!!!

    OK, I have 4 projects that are in the Bag O’ Shame:

    Baby hoodie which just needs to be seamed, but might need to be reknit larger.

    Lady Eleanor, which I need to frog and use smaller needles for.

    Toasty, which I just need a few more rows on.

    Heel head scarf, which I’m half done with one side.

    But I’m taking a sock project I haven’t cast on yet on the trip, because I’ve owed my SiL socks for over a year now. But those don’t count because I haven’t started yet, right?

    I love your stitch markers – I still fondle the ones you gave me for Christmas πŸ˜€

  2. Sarah says:

    this is the sort of thing I need- accountability + positive reinforcement (sounds nicer than “bribe” doesn’t it?)

    there’s only really two things that I’m utterly ashamed of not finishing-

    1. big grey sweater for my husband. especially after this awful winter. the back is done, the front is 6 rows in and not even ON a needle anymore, and the remaining 8 hanks reproach me at every turn.

    2. colinette fandango scarf. I bought the wool one anniversary and it’s about 1 foot in and refusing to budge. yeah, blame the wool….anyway, it’s supposed to be for my mom, so I really ought to finish it sometime within the next century!

    there’s a lot more in there, but it’s stuff I’m unhappy with rather than stuff I’d like to finish but have lost track of….

  3. Cambria W says:

    I am totally in!
    1.wasp woman socks
    2.Rex’s hand warmers
    3.Grandma’s shawl
    4.Snail mittens
    5.Greek mittens
    6.Mystery shawl 4
    7.Gothic temptress socks
    8.Aaron’s sweater
    9.Work vest
    10.Dante’s mitts
    holy cow! that’s a lot of unfinished stuff.

  4. Pattianne says:

    I totally agree with Sarah–I also need accountability and the positive reinforcement!!
    My unfinished projects are:
    A fingerless mit – started last Oct need to make its mate
    A linen shrug – started last April!
    A lacy summer sweater – started last July – before I knew about Ravelry!!

  5. Jen/pinkgerbil says:

    I was wrong, I have five. Oh dear.

    1. cottage creations sweater for Elyse. I bought the pattern when she was 6 months old. I have ripped it out and restarted it a few times. right now I have half a sweater. oops.

    2. Socks for Kurt, resoleable ones. Only one cuff done, been like that for two months.

    3. Baby blanket I started for someone ages ago, and got disgusted with it when I had to rip out three weeks worth of work and buried at the bottom of my knitting basket. stupid lace.

    4. Sweater for myself. I have four inches of the hem done. I have a case of the OHHHH! Shinys!

    5. Afgan I started almost three years ago. yes, THREE YEARS.

    does setting my my ravlery page count as an item? I have had that for a year. I suck, hahaha.

  6. JudithNYC says:

    What a great idea. I am in! Details in the Ravelry group. (Mainly because I am too lazy to round up all my UFO right now.)

  7. I am so totally in on this!!! I don’t have an accurate count of all my UFOs right now (I’m not at home) but I don’t want to miss out on the fun of this. I know for a fact that I have at least 2 blankets, a few lace shawls, a partial pair of socks, a cushion front, a half a baby sweater, some scarves… Yeah, I’m really bad at finishing things. Oh, and the socks I made for my mom’s birthday, last year… Oh boy. I will give a complete list in the Ravelry group once I have it.


  8. Emily says:

    Wow! I was just thinking of how much I needed something like this as I started adding my UFO’s to my project page…and then I clicked on Groups and saw this! Awesome idea – I’ll go post my details on the group page. Count me in!

  9. Tricia says:

    I’m in! Thanks for the great group!!! I have 9 UFO’s right now! ARGH!!!!

    1~My No Purl Monkeys
    2~Steve’s Socks
    3~Dragon Scales Shawl
    4~Loretta’s February Lady
    5~Bella’s Mittens
    6~Groovy Cable Tuque
    7~Tricia’s Travelers
    8~Cassie’ Gothy

  10. Laura says:

    Ok – I’m in!

    1. Airy Wrap Around Cardigan
    2. Ornette Socks
    3. Seaweed Socks

    Those are the ones that have 6 months plus on them. πŸ™‚

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  12. laralorelei says:

    I’m in with a smallish list of ufos, I’ve explained my “problem” on my blog, linked below. I’m delighted to have found somewhere I can admit to having these projects and where I may be encouraged to finish them alongside all the other projects I have queued for 2009!

    I currently have 6 projects in progress, 3 are fine and will get finished, the other 3 are already lurking in the basket of shame:
    1. Cuckoo Beret
    2. Lacy Waves top
    3. Herringbone ribbed socks


  13. sallyann says:

    I’m in!

    1. Joel’s sweater
    2. Joel’s socks
    3. Green baby sweater
    4. Afghan — this is crocheted, does it count?
    5. Multi-scarf

    Thanks for the incentive!

  14. liberknits says:

    I’m in

    1) Dublin bay socks
    2) Firebird socks
    3) mystery stole 3
    4) weird scarf with handspun (may have to be completely frogged)
    5) another pair of socks- can’t remember the name

    That’s all I can think of right now. Thank you for the incentive.

  15. Anne says:

    Ummm… okay… where do I start…

    1. Juliet in lavendar Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I’m past the armholes.
    2. Fifi in blue Rowan Calmer. I think I need to go up a needle size.
    3. Oblique in purple Patons Classic Merino.
    4. Sylvi in gold Colorado Yarns Breckenridge
    5. Flicca in grey KnitUSA
    6. Lush and Lacy cardigan in light blue something or other.
    7. Lovely little lace scarf in light pink Louisa Harding Angora.
    8. Laminaria in handmaiden sea silk (I think)
    9. Peacock Feathers in blue green handpainted yarn.com.
    10. Party socks in 10 different sock yarns.
    11. Blueberry waffle sock in K1C2 Ty-Dy sock
    12. Edie in Noro Kureyon and Kureyon sock.
    13. Cable Luxe Tunic – I’m paralyzed at the pint of deciding cardigan or pullover?
    14. Koigu Oriental jacket, one side is finished but Ihave not touched it in *years*
    15. Red Skirt from Romantic Knits. When I start ed it the goal was to have it done by February 14…. 2007.
    16. Annie Modesitt’s Silk Corset. I have TWO started.
    17. Ty-Dy Flame Shawl from a free pattern here on Ravelry. It’s gorgeous. Why did I put this one down?
    18. Short cropped vest/cardigan in Modea Dea Tweedle Dee repurposed from an unfinished Cherie Amour. I need to find the remining ball of yarn so I can finish it.
    19. Ruffled jacket in RED Malabrigo. I’m on the never ending cable that goes All The Way Around The Whole Thing.
    20. Multi colored, fair isle (sort of) Naturwolle cardigan that I think about all the time and don’t even know where it is. But I did find the buttons last week.
    21. Sweaterbabes Vine Lace cardigan coat in some purple/orange (not as bad as it sounds) super bulky yarn that I got for half price.
    22. Kaleidoscope in Koigu. I’m on the sleeves!! I’ve been onthe sleeves for months!!! I’m not sure where it is!!!!
    23. Snowdrift Cardigan. In GORGEOUS snow white yarn.
    24. Hanne Falkenburgs Ballerina. I encouraged several other people to start it after I did. Several of them are done. sigh.
    25. And last but certainly not least – The Neverending (and much hated) Jungle Stripe Jaywalkers.

    The truth is that at last count I had over 50 projects on the needles, yes, actually sitting on needles. But to list them all here would be.. um… insane. I just picked out the most “Oh why oh why are these not finished ones”

  16. Heather says:

    I posted my list on Ravelry–there are four items only, but I am so in!!!

  17. LauraSue says:

    I posted my list on Ravelry! Thanks for doing this and I don’t even need to get stitch markers!

  18. Ragnar says:

    Okay…I’ve actually already been working on this since the first of the year, although I call mine “the list” rather than the basket of shame. (darn! I’ve already missed out on some stitch markers. Boo!)

    I have:

    Top down Raglan linen thing
    Skull head socks with bad toes
    Soxx Appeal sox
    Blue stupid hat
    Kit’s double knit earflap hat
    and I’m sure there are some other ones in there. I will have to go and excavate the yarn bin when next I am at the studio.

    I’ll post a complete list on my blog after inventory.

    This isn’t counting the three sweaters in the frog pile…

  19. Marlene says:

    Oh my. My box of shame includes:

    1. grey socks that were for husbeast, but I made the fist one too small and I”m too lazy to rip it out so I’m making them for my brother in law even though he doesn’t deserve them.

    2. cherry tree hill fingering weight shawl for Shannon to display in her store

    3. my sister’s hot pink chain link scarf, oh god do I really have to sew all those loops together

    4. green dashing guilt gift mitts for charlie, cuz I said I’d have that yarn spun up for him by new years ahahaha that’s still not done either

    5. friggin easy worsed weight madline cardigan I have no excuse for not finishing, but there you have it

    6. lace weight silver silk shawl for my mom ohgodohgodwhatwasIthinking?

    7. cotton sport weight varigated lace I thought this would be an easy project yoga bag

    8. funfur scarf of questionable judgment for my step daughter

    I’ll get those up on my blog ASAP (I think there’s another project lurking around, but I can’t seem to find it)

  20. Marlene says:

    Oh yes!
    9. the carpethia golves for Honey. (I’m only going to count this if I can find the first one…if not I’m disavowing all knowledge of the project)

  21. Tammy says:

    In my basket of shame at the very top!! is an afghan I started for my husband many years ago when I started back to knitting. He keeps asking about it.

    1. Afghan for Robert

    2. Chevron Scarf

    3. Pirate’s Booty Sweater

    4. Knee Hi to a Grasshopper

    5. Icelandic Lace Shawl

    6. Fingerless gloves started for Robert last year in March

    7. 4 seasons afghan that just needs seaming!

    8. Aran Afghan KAL that has two out of 20 or so blocks done

    9. Mystery Stole #2 I think it is. It is the Scheherazade Stole.

    I think that it is it with the shameful ones.

  22. Wendy says:

    Sounds like fun, although I don’t need a prize.

    1) Scoop du Jour-needs blocking, buttonbands.
    2) October Frost-sleeve 1 almost done, but that’s all.
    3) OMG, Cul de Sac, I always forget that one.
    4) Hypnosis socks
    5) Hipply Ripply Retro socks from last year’s Sock Madness
    6) Must Have Cardigan
    7) Wine and Roses mitts (one finished)
    8) Handspun log cabin shawl
    9) Handspun stripey socks-only need ends woven in, but there are thousands!
    10) Tempest

    That’s enough, even if there are more I can’t remember!

  23. Kathleen says:

    Oh, dear, this is going to get long. I’m a packrat and I eventually finish things, but sometimes there are years between start and finish.

    1. Orange sock-ease basic socks
    2. Pink linen everlasting bagstopper
    3. brown cotton everlasting bagstopper
    4. pink & orange argyle earflap hat
    5. brown pixie hat
    6. anatomical heart (for Bryan)
    7. second anatomical heart (for Joe)
    8. Calla Lily felted bag
    9. black and yellow “do not cross” scarf
    10. grey shrug
    11. mauve lace Knitty Convertible
    12. Susan Faorese shawl
    13. retro redux shrug
    14. regia silk henry scarf
    15. Bobby bear
    16. Bebe’s sweater
    17. mohawk hat for Sarah
    18. lobster mittens
    19. Revontuli shawl
    20. big gauge grey scrunchy shawl
    21. Vintage velvet blue scarf
    22. Basic grey hat
    23. Purple angel hair ribbles scarf
    24. green shortrow heel striped socks
    25. purple fat hat
    26. wildefoote brown sugar colorway clapotis
    27. pink variagated cotton clapotis
    28. koigu clapotis
    29. koigu socks
    30. Burgandy mohair shawl that has just needed one pocket sewn down for the past 3 years (my most embarassing UFO)

    There it is, an even thirty. Wow. That’s really motivating.

  24. Lora says:

    I’m in, but now I have to spend the rest of the evening hunting and gathering. The deeper my shame, the deeper I hide it from myself. I just hate it when I go to retrieve the dog’s ball from under furniture and find some spiteful project instead. Just waiting to mock me.

    I am unfinishedknits on Ravelry.

  25. Kathleen says:

    Ooof, I missed a bag:

    31. striped “noro” scarf
    32. pink and orange felted house slippers
    33. green leg warmers

  26. Cricket says:

    Hi— I can not believe I am not alone in my Closet of Shame….. thank you for starting this!!!!! I can’t even go near the door of the Closet for fear of being sucked in, but I went looking for a certain size circular to start SOMETHING NEW this week, and can recall at least the following items:

    1) blaze orange hat for friend who walks in woods during hunting season

    2) incredibly intricate fair isle cape, which needs only the attached I-cord trim in order to finish

    3) monkey socks- 1 half done

    4) 2atatime socks, pair 1/4 done

    5) mosaic knit fingerless mitts- one mitt half done

    6) alpaca hat, ribbing only done

    7) Vest for husband- ? years old? 3/4 done

    8) vest for me- gauge swatch only done… does that count?

    9) terrific teal shawl- done except for ruffle around edges

    10) pedicure socks, barely started

    11) royal llama silk vest- just needs one seam and ends tucked in

    12) charity knitting cap, needs seaming

    13) lace scarf 2 inches done

    14) long shawl, needs only pockets knit and added

    15) angora hot water bottle cozy, 1/4 done

    16) felted slippers, need seams and felting

    17) Fleece Artist shawl, all done except running ends in

    18) Moutain Colors gorgeous cowl thing, needs blocking and ends run in

    19) kid silk mohair lace scarf- annoyingly sticky, 1 inch done

    20) gloves, knit with sock weight yarn- just ribbing on one done

    I’m going to stop there- this was just off the top of my head, following a visit to the Closet a few days ago…. my husband built me a cedar closet for stash, and it also houses my projects in “time-out” , which is what I call it when they need to go sit int he dark for a while.

    Anyway, thanks you all for admitting your Baskets o Shame- If I finish ONE of these this year, it will be historic!

    (On Ravelry, I’m Cricket61)

  27. stalepeeps says:

    Ooo – I have a few!

    1. Velvet Grapes of Wrath Cardi – Only needs seaming, blocking and a button!

    2. Somewhat Askew – 1/4 done with the front.

    3. As yet un-named socks – Hourglass pattern by Bev Elicerio. First sock is less than 1/4 finished and the pattern isn’t loving me.

    4. Silhouette tank (my design) approximately half the front is done.

    I think that’s it – I’ll go post on Ravelry.

  28. Jean says:

    Cool idea. Thanks for offering it to us! I’ve got two baby blankets started that I keep getting bogged down on and was trying to inspire myself to keep at it. Also one purple shawl, one black shawl, one black hat, and two tiny purses. Wow, I didn’t know I had that many until I started adding them up! Oh wait, I was reading some entries above and saw fingerless gloves mentioned. I have two pairs of those started as well. Now I think that’s all, just nine items.

    I did have several more, but finished them last week ago because they were belated Christmas gifts and I had to meet with the recipients! Yes, and it was just this last Christmas and not from years before!

  29. Lynda the Guppy says:

    I’m totally in! LOL I’ll have to wait until I get home to be more thorough, but here it is off the top of my head…

    A scarf in LL Twist
    A scarf in Malabrigo
    A clapotis in Noro Sock Yarn
    a blanket in SWS Soy stripes
    Diamond Fantasy Shawl
    A striped baby sweater that I think is a FAIL, but I only have half of each sleeve to finish.
    A pink baby sweater that I cast on and frogged last night, and need to recast on today. Baby’s due in 2 weeks!
    A Multi-directional rib scarf.

    And I’m sure I’m missing others. Like I said, I’ll have to wait until I get home to double check.

  30. Knitnana says:

    What a great idea! I will consider this … strongly consider it.
    I think you can safely count me in.

  31. Knitnana says:

    Truly? I’m IN. Just posted the list (only 4 strong, but still…need to finish them!) – thanks for doing this…

  32. Marie says:

    Okay, this is a good motivator. I’ve already been focusing on finishing things lately, this will help keep me focused!

    1. Red socks for my mother.
    2. Black Serrano cardigan for me.
    3. Orange felted hat for my daughter.
    4. Fingerless mitts for my husband.
    5. Black felted purse for me.
    6. Pink ribbon purse for my daughter.
    7. German stockings for me.

    I know there’s more but I’ll have to find them and post on my blog about it.


  33. Gayle says:

    This is what is on the needles today. (That I could find. LOL)

    1. White Sunny baby Afghan
    2. Christine’s baby booties
    3. Raglan sleeve baby sweater
    4. Scarf for Son
    5. Sweater for DH
    6. Flying triangles afghan
    7. Log cabin afghan
    8. Two more baby blankets at various stages of completion. Not sure if I want to finish these.

    I was being very productive during the first part of this year. I finished a pair of mittens, blankets and a hat for DD.
    I have already frogged a couple of things that I knew I would not finish. I have a couple of bags that are in the pile to start. Socks for DD, Lace scarf, and a cable sweater.
    Baby surprise sweater and a zip up the back sweater or on the to do list also.
    So much to do, yet so little time to get it all done.

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