I Love LA, redux

Thanks to a heads up from the marvelous Ellen Bloom who seems to find out about so many great LA happenings in advance and who is kind enough to share the love with the rest of us, I found out about the Los Angeles Conservancy’s annual screening of White Christmas at the Los Angeles Theatre, in the historic Broadway Theatre District located in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Theatre lobby view

This is without a doubt my favorite holiday movie of all time, and the opportunity to see it up on the big screen was something I couldn’t pass up. This is an amazing old movie palace with a ballroom, two balconies, and so much fancy carving that you don’t even know where to look. It has, alas, seen better days and it wants cleaned and restored something awful, but what a lovely chance to experience something so grand and beautiful and with so much soul.

I’m sorry Arclight, I’m sorry Landmark, I love your real butter popcorn and your assigned seating, but you have no soul.

After the movie, we walked half a block down to Clifton’s “Brookdale” Cafeteria and tried out the offerings. This sequoia themed restaurant has been open since 1935. Back in the Depression, this restaurant fed the hungry for free, and in fact, the family is still feeding hungry families in need. The interior has not changed much in the years since the cafeteria opened, and it was totally packed when we were there. The food was decent, coffee shop style food, and you can’t beat the prices. Fun! I was somewhat excited to discover lime jello with tinned pears among the desserts on display. Then we walked over to Pershing Square and watched the ice skaters under the twinkling lights.

A great day. I love Los Angeles!


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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1 Response to I Love LA, redux

  1. Ellen Bloom says:

    Hi Rainy!

    I’m so glad that I helped you choose your weekend activity! The L.A. Conservancy has an ongoing program of tours, movies and fun things to do! Isn’t Clifton’s Cafeteria great? I just love the “wooded” atmosphere! Did you know that there are more dining areas, upstairs….and up more stairs?

    Glad you had fun in our Los Angeles!

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