Very Cashmere Cowl


I’m rather of the opinion that too many “in progress” knitting pictures can be a little bit boring, so I try to minimize them. It’s a little bit like watching grass grow, ya know? Not that I don’t like to see them, I just think there’s a balance to be had. But I had to put this up. This silk/cashmere blend yarn is the most scrumptious, delicious, cloud soft confection of silky cashmere goodness that I have ever had in my hands. It’s from last winter’s Zen Yarn Garden “Sumptuous Sock Club” and I’ve been saving it for just the right project. Alas, I cannot afford to join Round 2 this year over at ZYG, much as I’d like to, but if you have a little extra cash for the hols, you might consider it. Memberships are on sale until Dec. 7th and Roxanne really does some really nice stuff. And the pattern is pretty spiffy too – a simple feather and fan type ripple pattern, 16 stitch repeats that are easy to memorize, and it knits up quickly into a downy little cowl [Ravelry link] to tuck into your collar on a chilly day.

I’m having a wonderful time knitting it.

Veronique up close

Alas, I don’t get to keep it. It’s that time of year again.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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2 Responses to Very Cashmere Cowl

  1. Knitnana says:

    What a pretty cowl and I LOVE your stitch markers!
    (*wink* I so enjoy using the Eye marker you sent me!)

    And Roxanne’s stuff IS amazing…I have so enjoyed being in her Art Walk Sock club – it’s month-to-month, so might be an alternative for you?

  2. jamie says:

    Beautiful photos.

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