I love color….

seven deadly stack

It makes me happy, keeps me cheerful, feeds something important. Which is funny, when you consider that my wardrobe consists mainly of black, green, grey and more black. I like to gather color around myself like a blanket. I love the idea of turning these scrumptious little yarn cakes into comfort food for my soul.

seven deadly bowl

These 4 skeins of yarn are a silk/merino blend that I got from the Seven Deadly Spins club. Gorgeous, dyed to create a lovely gentle progression of color. My problem is that while I love this yarn, I’m really not crazy about the pattern that accompanied it. I might be a little more enthusiastic if the charts weren’t handwritten and impossible to read. As it is, I am ambivalent about the design and the charts have pushed it way over into “no” and that is that.

I am considering knitting Juno Regina with it, but find myself about 150 yards short. And am unsure if I feel happy with shortening the piece. I am thinking maybe I’ll go down a needle size or two from what the pattern specifies and swatch. If I like the fabric, I may just go for it. It’s the perfect yarn for this and I think the color shifts will set off the end motifs quite nicely and give it a little more visual interest (not that it needs help.) Perhaps a little aggressive blocking to help with the shortening issue.

seven deadly row

Alas, Juno must wait until the Thneed is complete. We have button band, we have sleeve, and 1/3 of other sleeve. So close. So much with the stockinette. Fortunately I’ve been weaving in ends and finishing as I go, so there will not be a great whack of that to contend with when I finally do cast off.

callie almost there

SO close.


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