Khaki Bars Across My Heart

We drove to #2 Daughter’s prospective high school this morning for what we thought was an early appointment with the registrar to attempt to register #2 Daughter for the upcoming school year, which starts next week. It was unsuccessful. We are going back tomorrow when the registrar will hopefully show up for work which she didn’t do today.

We *did* get more paperwork to fill out, the student handbook and all manner of Very Important Information.

The new district has a uniform dress code policy. Khaki pants, white or black collared shirts (polo or button up), black, brown or white shoes (no heels), no fun socks, and only black, grey, khaki or green/gold sweaters (no hoodies).

This came as some surprise and the shock prompted some tears on the part of #2 Daughter who, like her mother, is a bit of a nonconformist. Once the tears passed, there was The Ranting.

“It’s like, that movie. Jump back. Kevin Bacon. Oh my god. Do they allow music at this school? Dancing? I bet there’s no dancing. And it’s like that movie with that guy in front of the bank yelling ‘Attica! Attica!'”

“It’s a school uniform. It’s not like you’re going to be rattling a tin cup across the prison bars, dear.”


And so it went, at length, for several hours. I took her out for French toast and we went on a quest for khaki. Which was somewhat fruitless, however going online I discovered that Lands End had a couple of pieces. I did get her several cute white and black blouses at H&M, all in uniform code. But I am stuck for where to find really super cute junior sized uniform appropriate khaki bottoms. Gap was a total strikeout. Kids sizes abound, but junior sizes, not so much.

Why not black? Or grey? Why khaki???

“I’m spending the next FOUR YEARS in KHAKI, mom. I might not make it to NYU. I might DIE OF KHAKI.”

“No one in the history of EVER has died of Khaki.”

“Well I’m a TREND SETTER. Actually? No. What I am is a khaki covered loser who will never get a boyfriend because why? Oh yeah. KHAKI”

“That’s okay dear. All the prospective boyfriends will be khaki covered losers too.”

That’s when she threw a sausage link at me and I decided I probably should stop talking. Unfortunately, because I was driving, I could not ask the waitress to pour a healthy slug of pre-khaki whiskey in my coffee. Shame.


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9 Responses to Khaki Bars Across My Heart

  1. Christie says:

    At least she’ll never have to wonder what she’s going to wear to school!

  2. if time exists says:

    Awww, I did the uniform thing, but it was in elementary school, before standing out was all that important. Though I was in marching band in high school, and I remember my extreme opposition to the uniforms, or any occasion on which we had to wear matching tshirts.

    Maybe…tell her her khaki suffering will build character?

  3. BellaKarma says:

    I would so make a t-shirt like your blinking graphic – and wear it to that school. :-p

  4. Just a girl says:

    Most districts have an opt-out waiver that you’ll have to sign and if you read the crazy wording it’ll say something to the effect of ‘by opting out the student is in compliance with the uniform policy’ or similar. At my kids schools the is a points/reward system for the class w/ highest uniform participation and when the bean counter comes around to tally she always points out to my kids ‘oh, you don’t get points you’re not in uniform’ and there are stares and harsh words from classmates that their chances of getting a crappy popsicle are dashed. I have to call and remind the office that by signing the opt out she is technically uniformed-in and give her the damn popsicle!!

  5. pigbook1 says:

    First of all, that sounds like a colorway of tan and red ah the joys!
    Second, as a girl who PURPOSEFULLY spent every day of her high school career in khakis, I would say… check marshalls/tjmaxx, old navy and see what you can find. I am not sure if style of khaki is important, but you will find something (I never wore cargos so they are out there)
    Good luck!

  6. Cass says:

    Amen. She’s right.

    Aeropostale had uniform approved khaki’s last time we were in there.

  7. Ragnar says:

    What does the dress code say about facial tattoos? I say get her something nice and tribal and call it even. Or a nice eyebrow ring.

  8. sopranospinner says:

    I would say Old Navy, too, as recommended above. And is there a rule about pockets or anything. Cargoes aren’t that bad, although they might be the Mommy uniform these days since I wear them. Gave up the “Mom Jeans” though for low rise.

    I totally love her comment and would have t-shirts made for sure!

  9. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Oooh, thanks for the tip on Aeropostale, I’ll check it out. Thanks Cass!

    Red is verboten on school grounds, PB1. The kids are not allowed to have any red or any blue (gang colors I think) at all. Otherwise, I’d have to dye that colorway and call it “Dress Code” and knit her socks.

    Ragnar, how funny you asked! We were just talking about facial tattoos. I told her that she can get her nose pierced when she’s 15 if she really feels the need to buck the dress code. It will also piss off her older sister who had to wait till she was 16. Sometimes it’s good to be the baby.

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