Where The Wild Things Are. And I ain’t talkin’ a Lisa Souza colorway, either.

Day before yesterday, my daughter was sitting on her porch (she has a small porch and backdoor) and walked back into her room to grab something. She noticed a small face peering in her door and then a raccoon walked into the room. They stared at one another for a brief moment, while the penny dropped that OMG a raccoon was standing. in. her. bedroom. and then they both took off in opposite directions (fortunately that meant outside for Mr. Raccoon.) Also, I got in rather late the other night and as I pulled into my driveway, I noticed a rather fat skunk waddling across the lawn. It walked under my car and I had a rather bad moment of, “What to do???” but fortunately Mr. Skunkersons eventually waddled out the other side and disappeared into the neighbor’s yard. I also saw a bat.

Then I read this and this and this [contains dead Mrs. Deer picture] and holy shit, THISI realize that, um… We Are Not In Kansas Anymore.

Or rather, We Are Not Alone.

Whatever movie tag you want to use, the fact remains that it is somewhat exciting up here. But in a kind of in a “Gosh I hope it remains exciting in other neighborhoods and not actually in mine or in my yard or anywhere near where my kids walk home from the bus.” kind of way. Because I am really not all that Back To Nature.

All we ever saw in West LA was the occasional possum.

The kitties will, of course, be remaining Indoor Only Kitties.


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4 Responses to Where The Wild Things Are. And I ain’t talkin’ a Lisa Souza colorway, either.

  1. Mouse says:

    When we lived in Colorado I went outside to find out what the dog was barking at and came face to face (practically) with 2 bear cubs & a mama bear waddling down the mtn after them. That was my "not in Kansas anymore" moment. Fortunately my husband was home and told me to get a pot and a spoon and make lots of racket to make them leave.
    We have deer & rabbits here at the new house.. along with a nest of baby birds living in our chimney. Its like National Geo-freakin-graphic around here.

  2. sopranospinner says:

    One night I went to open the front screen door to let the cat in (I thought) and came face to face with a gigantic racoon that growled at me from my own front porch! It had two companions in the yard. I called Animal Control and they said, “oh, yes, we have those at our house, too.” That was it. I guess I should be glad the coyotes stay up in the hills across the freeway! Of course, these days our vicious (well, she thinks so) puppy would scare them away.

  3. Plain Jane says:

    We lived in an old farm house for two years in an industrialized area and had a regular zoo of critters. Groundhog in the garden, raccoons in the attic, and a possum that came through the ground hog tunnels into the Michigan basement, up the stairs and was eating the cat's food in the kitchen! BTW, raccoons & coyotes will kill cats. My daughter lost two out in the San Bernardino mountains before she kept the remaining one inside full time.

  4. KnitNana says:

    Yes. I have a herd of deer in the 100 yards or so of “forest” between me and the drive-thru of BK.
    And they’ve been standing in my driveway when I pull in at night.
    We AREN’t alone!

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