Pasadena stories

Took a bit of a walking tour around parts of Pasadena today, culminating in this nifty Yucatan style Mexican restaurant called El Portal. Very delicious eats. They had cochinita pibil.

Yes, the chef is still alive.

Yes, I will marry you if you know what movie I’m talking about.

yucatan sampler hot day hot salsa

After some hot salsa, cool margaritas and a split Yucatan sampler platter, we decided to walk around a little bit more. This place reminded me a lot of Diagon Alley, done California style and I think when referring to it as a place to go, that’s what we are going to call it.

nifty place books too? yes, please!

Oh yes, these are a few of my favorite things. And how delighted I was when I walked out the other side onto Colorado Blvd and discovered a few more of my favorite things…

best books tea shop tea shop window

The little tea shop wasn’t serving hot tea, but they had a huge selection of loose leaf teas and all manner of teaware.

Something tells me we’ll be heading back to that stretch of Colorado Blvd pretty soon.


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3 Responses to Pasadena stories

  1. ganderman1 says:


    Too bad about those pesky polygamy laws.


  2. Guam Girl says:

    Of course, it’s Once upon a time in Mexico. I just finished making the puerco pibil recipe, and will be making tamales with it this afternoon.

  3. Lucia says:

    I was going to say “Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?” — which shows you what I know. If I could find a way to get rid of Grant we could get married in either your state or mine.

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