A quiet and crafty Fourth of July

I woke up this morning with the sensation that someone was driving Mr. Pointy right into my skull by way of my right eye socket. As a result, I did not much feel like driving down to the Westside for The Handsome Cabin Boy’s block party. No fireworks, pour moi.

I’ve been a little at a loss, all up here in the hills in mi Casa and today was no exception. I haven’t been really sure what to do with myself, with one kid at camp and the other out being a social butterfly. It occurred to me that a time will come in the not too distant future, when I live alone and quiet will be the default setting. And I will have to eat balanced meals and go to bed at a normal time and deal, anyway, without the children to keep me on track. Perhaps this is what they refer to as “empty nest” syndrome. If so, I’m here to say, it is a weird adjustment.

I suppose there is no time like the present to adjust, however.

My friend K posted a link to a recipe for brown sugar glazed ribs recently, and I decided to give them a try. Had to alter the recipe slightly as I started them late and lacked some of the ingredients, but even altered, I gotta say that these were some of the best ribs I have ever made. You should try them if you are of the meat eating persuasion.

I should have taken some pictures. But. Um. I ate them. The ribs, I mean, not the pictures.

There is also a peach/blackberry cobbler

blackberry peach cobbler

which came from this recent Kitchn post. The plan is to eat that with some ice cream, but I’m so full of ribs and my Grandma’s potato salad that I may have to wait and have it for breakfast.

No knitting. But a little crafting did occur while I watched me some Harrison Ford in Patriot Games.

subversive cs

So yeah, it’s been an all American Fourth Of July here at Casa Faaabulous, with BBQ, cross stitch and action movies. Who says you need a crowd to have a party?

couch testing


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6 Responses to A quiet and crafty Fourth of July

  1. Phoe says:

    Sounds like a great day. 🙂

  2. Mouse says:

    *snickers* gotta love the Buffy reference there. Sounds like you had a nice day even by yourself.. we had a huge party yesterday and I’m spending today recovering on the sofa.

  3. sopranospinner says:

    That cross stitch is brilliant! It could bring me back to the linen. I haven’t done any of that for years and years!

    Sorry you missed the fireworks, Pasadena’s (Rosebowl) are usually really good. We had ours in Burbank this year (last year’s was cancelled due to fire danger).

    However, today is a “nothing” day. No scheduled activities, although we might trek a half mile to the Burbank Historical Society museum as my knitting pal Joy has never been there.

    Have a lovely!

  4. teabird says:

    Love the “irony” sampler! I have the kit, and the book, and it’s just a matter of time before I start stitching the less-than-appropriate ones and hanging them in my work cubicle…..

  5. sopranospinner says:

    I told my husband about these and he said if I did the “Truthiness” one he would hang it up in the kitchen!!! (We have a small collection of traditional samplers, none stitched by me).

  6. KnitNana says:

    I got the “warnings” of “what will I do when the kid is gone?” about the same point in my life that you are now…and discovered that I had enough interests and loved solitude enough, that it would not be a problem.
    And it hasn’t.

    I wish you time to find everything that you will love, so you won’t have “empty nest” syndrome – except the kind that says “Whoohoo! I’m alone!”

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