Taking a break from all that packing…

… because there’s only so much you can throw into boxes before you start dreaming about boxes and maybe in your dreams one night a giant moving box with teeth is chasing after you through the hallway of your apartment which has mysteriously gotten longer and longer and is NEVER GOING TO END and you wake up in a cold sweat and realize that maybe you could take a break from packing and it would be okay.

So there was Stitch n Pitch last night, which was fab. Naturally my boys in blue whipped the snot out of the Colorado Rockies 8-2. There was much rejoicing. As my friend Mr. Easy E once pointed out, it’s a lot more fun to walk out of Dodger Stadium while Randy Newman is playing “I Love LA” than it is to walk out to the organ lady. There were quite a few knitters there last night from all around the local Blogosphere. I went with the gals from A Mano Yarn Center again this year. I am normally the girl who wins nothing, and surprisingly, I won a bag o’ Tofutsies sock yarn last night. Well, actually, I’m still the girl who wins nothing. Mr. Easy E won it, and he doesn’t knit – I have informed him that seeing as how I was holding on to his raffle ticket, he’s shit out of luck and I’m splitting it with his wife. It was quite a jolly evening!

more knitters! knitters!
dodger dog swag!

And I’ve been repainting a bookshelf and old CD cabinet to turn into, er, a bookshelf and a curio shelf for my new dining room which is going to be so brightly colored as to perhaps require protective eyewear.

SO you take a crappy old CD cubby from Ikea that you got for free and instead of putting it into a landfill… you prime it… and you paint it… and then you wait for the paint to dry.

curio primed
first coat colorful

After a second coat of all colors, the plan is to face the cubby shelf in a dark blue, and the bookshelf in fuschia. I shall fill the bookshelves with cookbooks, tea books and books about food, and the cubby shall be filled with whimsical china. And then I believe the dining room stuff is done. I may or may not decoupage or freehand them with further designs. The landlord said we are go go gadget go for stenciling in the kitchen. Maybe get all moved in and see how I like it.

So that is what goes on around here when I’m not shoving stuff into boxes. Moving in less than three weeks. OMG.


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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3 Responses to Taking a break from all that packing…

  1. Phoe says:

    1) Packing dreams? *shudder*

    2) I once waited in line for 7 innings to get a Dodger dog. And then they started selling them at Ralphs. 🙂

    3) That cd rack looks great!

  2. KnitNana says:

    Whee! I LOVE your painting project…cannot wait to see the results of the dining room, once you’re all settled in…
    (You’ll get there, promise!)

  3. Tempted Handpainted Yarns says:

    Congrats on the new place! In case you don’t have anything better to do you have been tagged for the meme on my blog.
    Love the painting project.

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