This blog is about to turn into Hints From Freakin’ Heloise, just be warned. There may not be much fiber for the next few weeks.

There might be some SCIENCE, though. We’ve been doing some quantum type experimenting.
I can has isotope?

Seriously though, I am in the grips of I WANT and GIMME. Mainly, I want some new stuff for the house. Nice stuff. Made out of solid wood, not particle board. Stuff that maybe I didn’t pick up off the parkway as I drove through someone else’s neighborhood. At the same time, I really love my savings account and I want that to keep growing.

After a frenzy of internet “wish shopping” I have settled on one or two things that I must replace new, but have also come to grips with the fact that I can’t have everything I want if I plan to keep reaping the benefit of compound interest or maintain any kind of emergency fund. Which, given that I still have a very sick child and my return to work is a vague “sometime in the fall” date to be determined later, seems like a really wise idea. So… I’ve just gotta make the old stuff work. To this end, some old things are going to be repurposed, refinished and re-used in interesting ways.

There are Big Plans afoot. This is mostly a teaser, I have to buy some paint and things, but once I’ve got the stuff I am going to be posting some neatoriffic crafty tutorials!

1. Turning a bland old Ikea CD cubby storage shelf into a fun, colorful storage solution for children’s china/a tea set.

2. Refinishing a pair of vintage (the finish is oh so ruined by hard wear and use) nesting tables into two units – a boudoir vanity table and laptop stand – both with added storage. They are currently doing duty as a microwave and plant stand, respectively.

3. Creating a multi-purpose unit – laundry folding table/storage for laundry supplies and catbox concealing space – out of… well, either out of an old Ikea desk or some old metal shelving, I’m still working that out.

4. Taking an old pillowback sofa that is impossible to slipcover without spending a fortune, and turning it into a smooth backed slipcovered sofa that is comfy and looks fabulous and brand new.

5. Turning a plain unfinished wood stool into a colorful, DDLM themed plantstand.

What makes me really happy is, some of this stuff was free to begin with. The tables, the couch, the Ikea CD cubby. I didn’t pay anything for them, they were all hand me downs from friends or family. So not only am I keeping them out of landfills, but I am extending their useful lives a few more years with minimal outlay. Go me!

It’s turning into an obsession, I’m afraid. The children are starting to protectively hide their things when I walk past them, looking speculatively around for stuff to hack into new incarnations.

Also! This is for sale:


Dusty Strings FH26
3.5 octaves, full set of sharping levers and soft case. Made of flame maple. Uses nylon strings.

It needs a tuning fork, has a small ding, and needs a new full set of strings, but is otherwise in perfect condition. It retails for $1965 new on the site. I am asking $1350 but will consider other offers. It was a gift, I love it, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever have time to really play it again. I want it to have a life, not sit in a case waiting to be played. This is the perfect practice harp or a small harp to take to events.

If you know anyone who might want it, drop me a comment or an email! akingprawn AT gmail DOT com


About Maia Rainwood

Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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2 Responses to Heloise?

  1. KnitNana says:

    Yes, repurposing, refreshing, refinishing – all good ways to be delighted with new for the move, and not break the piggy bank!

  2. Phoe says:

    I love quantum mechanics jokes. 🙂

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