The most excellent Stick and Stone has gone out of business. This means there is no store in the LA area that is solely dedicated to things like spinning and weaving and specifically non-knitting fiber arts. Which isn’t to say they didn’t have knitting stuff too? Just, they were mostly on the spinning side.

I’m sad. The natural barrier of “going over The Hill” into the Valley kind of precluded frequent visits. I wish I had supported them more, spent more money and been a more active part of their community. It’s important to show up for the little brick and mortar guys and I think the internet makes it easy to forget to do that.

Sticks and Stones sale

I supported their going out of business sale, at least. Everything in the store was 30-40% off. I’m reliably informed that the new lace flyer for the Kromski will spin like the wind. Can’t wait to try her out.

This is what I look like without makeup. Totally sleep deprived. Exhausted. That’s ok. You all love the real me, right? You don’t need eyeliner.

God I need eyeliner

The POINT is, my hair is looking fabulous and it shines purple in the sunlight because the Hair God just did his magic again. I haven’t gone to my Hair God since before J moved out, and today I just thought ya know, screw it, I need some pampering. So I have a fresh coat of paint, lost about 6-7 inches of length (and it feels like about ten pounds lighter, holy cow) and had a blowout. Swingy fabulosity, just in time for summer! My forehead, fingertips and ears are also dyed a fabulous shade of violet but that’ll wash off in a day or two. While I was there, I got a free neck massage and a hand massage and I feel kind of fantastic.

I will forever be completely faithful to My Hair God. I will light joss in front of his picture, I will scatter rose petals before his feet as he walks. There is no other Hair God but My Hair God. Bigoudi Salon, y’all. Ask for Chris. He’s so worth it.

It so totally makes up for waking up this morning and discovering that the kittens had shredded open a bag of South African mohair, and spent the night rolling in it and playing with it all over the bedroom floor. Somehow, even though it was happening less than 4 feet from my bed, I slept through the whole entire thing. Sadly I did not capture it on camera. I wish I had. The whole thing was rather spectacular.


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Owner and Maker at Maia Rainwood Design. Wearable art for wise women, birth keepers, witches, and world-builders.
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  1. Mouse says:

    Kitties like mohair huh? I bet that was a very cute mess… lol. I used to have a Hair God of my own when I lived up North.. this man was amazing. I don’t even go to salons anymore because I cut my own hair.. its the only advantage to having waist length hair is the lack of maintanence required.

  2. sopranospinner says:

    Oh, man, I only went once and I’m in the valley(ish)! I did, however, go very recently and everything I bought was 40% off. Now the closest place is Santa Clarita and they’re only open two or three days a week (and it’s a trek). Ho hum.

  3. geogrrl says:

    Love the hair! I’m still toying with the idea of dyeing over (again) all the grey in mine. I’m not sure.

    Also, so sorry there are no pictures of the mohair–that would have been priceless.

    I sooo laughed at your description of your daughter’s departure. If I were a mother, I would have done that just to be evil.

  4. Roxie says:

    You are a beauty. Eyeliner is just gilding the lily!

    LOVE the daughter at the airport story!

    Wonderful deals on the fiblicious stuff. Bravo!

  5. wondermachine says:

    I only wish you could hear my three tone BEE YOO TFUL!!!
    Great hair! I used to have mine that long — back when I lived in a low humidity zone that didn’t make my long hair a big ole’ bubba fro!
    That Folk Hats book is a hoot! Some crazy fun stuff in those pages.

  6. Lucia says:

    I adore the real you. Ju look mahvelous, dahling.

    Everyone needs a Hair God and pampering now and then. I got about 6 inches of hair removed, oh, about 4 months ago. It felt great. I’m probably due for a trim again. I don’t color it, having decided that I actually like medium brown, but when I start to go seriously gray? All bets are off. I’m thinking a nice bright fuchsia to go with my blog.

    Did you feel felicidal?

  7. Amanda says:

    Love the hair and look at how pretty you are! Really, you have a glow to you.

    I might call my own Hair Goddess to see if she can fit me in soon…

  8. Roggey says:

    Fantabulous hair love going on, woman! Nothing better than a groovy hair day to lift your spirits and boost the ego a bit 😉

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