the stupid continues

Today’s public school drama involved my daughter’s PE teacher forcing her to do jumping jacks even though she told him she had a bad headache and was diagnosed with migraines and could she please walk laps instead. “NO.” he said, then forced her to do jumping jacks until she had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Because the jumping jacks, in the bright sunlight, triggered the migraine that she’d been trying to hold off. Then? He refused to let her go to the nurse until one of his aides took pity and took her anyway. I had to come get her and she missed another day of school, including the academic classes she needed to attend today to get homework packets and makeup work turned in. All because someone needed to prove he’s the boss of his PE class.

Yeah, ok Big Man. You’ve got a huge one all right. And you pick on little girls and make them cry, too. We’re all in awe of your sheer damned manliness.

When I phoned to complain about this, her counselor told me that the only way we can get her exempt from PE is if she “breaks something.” To say that I went ballistic is an understatement.

My daughter then offered to break her arm, if that would help.

Fortunately, she won’t have to resort to that – I finally think I found the right combination of people to email. I went over some heads and it seems like now I’ve struck the right note, I’ve cited legal statutes, I’ve pointed out that she has an IEP we can amend, and I did so to the right people, FINALLY. We’re finally in compliance with the truancy review board, so the nasty letters have stopped. We may have action. We may have resolution. Or at least, improvement. Fingers crossed, please!! The school nurse is in our court, the IEP coordinator is scheduling an emergency meeting and hopefully these things will help.

We started her on a new beta blocker to try to get this under control, as the med we’d had her on previously was not helping. Fingers even more crossed that perhaps this is the magic bullet.

I need this to be over and sorted. I’m pulling my hair out. It’s taking a terrible toll on everyone, especially my daughter. I’m lucky to still have my job.

Sometimes life isn’t fair, and you just go on and make do. And try to make it better. And you knit a lot, just because that helps.


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9 Responses to the stupid continues

  1. Ina says:

    Fingers crossed! Let’s hope you’ve finally found the sane people in the mighty bureaucracy. And also effective meds.

    Just a guess: the PE teacher thought your daughter was hung over and being forced to exercise to the point of throwing up would teach her a valuable lesson in adult responsibility.

  2. sopranospinner says:

    Sending good thoughts your way! Glad to hear at least there’s some potential for it working out.

  3. Mouse says:

    what a worthless creep! I’m glad that you were able to get some things resolved… I’d have tried to serve him his nuts for breakfast personally. lol.

  4. geogrrl says:

    Looking at it from the other side, PE teachers get so used to students trying to get out of activities, they tend to be hard-hearted about any please of illness.

    However, the guy is still an asshole.

    As a teenager, I had HORRIBLE, vomit-inducing cramps with my periods. I was forced to go through PE class anyway, because it would “help”. Well, yes, mild exercise does help. Vigorous exercise made cramps that had previously been (barely) tolerable escalate to the point where I was vomiting and weeping with pain. I HAD to go home after that, and my mother had some choice words for the PE teacher.

    I’m glad to hear things are finally starting to shift. Like I said, if you don’t get satisfaction:
    – keep going UP the chain of command
    – document, document, document
    – be VERY clear as to what you want them to do. Spell it out.

    I hope things will get better from here on in. I understand wanting it all sorted and done with.

  5. Christie says:

    She has an IEP? Oh go into that emergency meeting prepared and have everything documented. That is an excellent way of getting all this bs under control. Good for you going over people’s heads, that’s one way to get the help and support you need.

  6. me says:


  7. Ann-Marie says:

    oh dear.
    I had Chronic Migraines at 17 and I totally would have been sick too in Gym class.
    I am hoping these new meds work…

  8. Lick My Sticks says:

    Heh…she must have my old PE teacher. As in every one I ever had. Good luck with this, I never get tired of some crotch-grabbing Neanderthal PE moron getting what he deserves.

  9. Lucia says:

    He probably did think she was trying to pull a fast one… but he’s still a (to quote another favorite movie line) macho shithead.

    What’s unfortunate is that some jobs (police/probation officer, teacher, hospital billing clerk come to mind) involve dealing with 25 people a day who are trying to pull fast ones — so heaven help person #26 with a legitimate complaint.

    (Why did I put hospital billing clerk on that list? Oh, no particular reason…)

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