seven deadly spoilers Just a warning that a little further down in this post there will be a picture of my kit from the Seven Deadly Spins Club and if any of my fearless blog readers are in that club also, I don’t want to spoil it for ’em. I think everyone got theirs, but you know… manners is manners and I aim to be mannerly!

So we’ll start with Broadripple.
Broadripple redux

Which I have frogged entirely and reknit with some additional pattern mods and much gnashing of teeth.

The pattern was written to be knit up with 56 stitches, on #3 needles. Since I was using STR mediumweight, I figured that’d be fine. It was, if a little tight, until I got to the instep. At which point, not so much with the fine. It was way too tight. So I wept and gnashed and frogged the entire sock (sitting in traffic at eleven on a Sunday night, on the way to Highland Park to pick up Daughter #1’s antibiotics from the place she’d left them that morning, argh.) and cast back on (sitting in more traffic on the way home from Highland Park, waiting for the CHP to clear an accident, at about eleven forty five on a Sunday night.)

Boy am I glad I did. I ended up knitting it as written (and now wish I’d kept the ribbed top, I liked how it looked better) but added 2 stitches per needle – hiding the two extra stitches on each side of the “ripple” section. It works just fine.

The striping is not as even and nice as it was with the original attempt, there is a little pooling and more of a spiral around the sock going on, but it’s acceptable.

The other mod I made to the pattern was I extended the heel flap about 10 extra rows. I think it’ll give me enough room in the instep, as the gusset will be longer. The heel is a lovely slipped stitch affair that I think is very pretty in this yarn. I’m not sold on the top down/flap heel at all and still totally prefer to knit toe up, but it’ll do. I’m trying to shake myself out of my sock rut and knit patterns the way the designers intended with heels and toes that require me to learn new skills.

slipped heel

Love the Broadripple pattern, but it definitely seems to be written for someone with very tiny feet! I think I’d actually like to try it out in STR heavyweight, knit on 4’s, but as written. Would be a nice pair of house socks.

And then… there’s the Seven Deadly Spins Club package for March.

Sock yarn… jellybeans… mini sock blocker… needle protectors… patterns… a pen… and did I mention, the jellybeans? And honestly, just look at that sock yarn. OMG. Gluttony. The package is “Gluttony” and all that color, yes, it really is.

Seven Spins

I’m trying to not buy yarn much at all this year because of all those aforementioned doctor bills, so for the most part I’m just enjoying the clubs I signed up and paid for last year. It’s enough to feed my inner yarn ho, but let me save some money. I’m not gonna say Yarn Diet because I always fail miserably at that? but, I’m trying.

And when Yarn Club comes with jellybeans, well that’s just EPIC WIN.


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  1. Mouse says:

    Ok.. that package you received is awesome! I love the colors of the yarns. I did my broadripple socks with STR medium weight so the gauge was a bit bigger – I also did them toe up/short row heel without pattern on the foot because that’s how I roll with socks. lol. Its a nice stretchy stitch and its interesting enough to keep you occupied without being too much.

  2. Ina says:

    I have sinned! Soooo envious of your club package!! Jellybeans. Sheesh.

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