and the air was so thick you could chew…

looking out towards santa monica at sunset, from Hollywood

Is it so wrong that even with air quality this hazy, I love my city and all the views? This is looking out towards Santa Monica from the top of the Grove parking structure, and the two tall hazy buildings are in Century City.

Yesterday was all grey and shades of blue, hanging in veils over the buildings in the distance.

In other news, “chronically ill child” and “school district bureaucracy” do not mix well AT ALL. I just can’t even go in to how difficult this whole situation is and how unwilling these people seem to be to work with us or even really return my phone calls.



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5 Responses to and the air was so thick you could chew…

  1. Mouse says:

    I’m not looking forward to that myself.. especially considering that our school system seems to think that everyone can afford health care and that after 2 days of being absent that one should have a doctor’s note. Feh.

  2. sopranospinner says:

    I thought the air was just that color in Burbank yesterday, as the road repair guys were doing something or other with dust (it seemed) but I guess it was everywhere around here.

    It seems that the reason the schools freak out about absences is the MONEY that they don’t get when your child is not present. Not the child, not the child’s health. Sorry you’re having trouble.

  3. geogrrl says:

    Go over thier heads. Superintendent, head of the school board, local politician, whatever. Write letters and go as high as you must. Send cc’s to make sure the asshats know you are taking it out of their hands.

    I know from experience that a well-written, explanatory letter, sent to the highest possible levels–and as many people as possible–gets results fairly quickly.

    The main things to remember:
    Explain what is going on
    TELL them exactly what you want done and how. People respond much better when you present them with a plan of action they can follow.

    Good luck.

  4. geogrrl says:

    Oh, and give specifics.

    Keep a journal, if you must. Keep a record of phone conversations, letters, etc.

    That way in your letter you can say so-and-so (name title, and location) said X to me on such-and-such date at such-and-such time. Specifics impress your recipient that you’re not some crazy lady ranting and gives them someone and something to focus on.

  5. Phoe says:

    Ohhh… what a fantastic picture. You’ve made me absolutely homesick, you have.

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