Everyone Else Is Doing It

So why not me?

I’m doing 101 Things in 1001 Days

You can read all about it here if you are so inclined. I’m setting up a separate blog for it so as not to get overly spammy here, though there will doubtless be some overlap of blog posts and pictures, depending.

In other news, saw Sweeney Todd last night and now I can’t get the bit about Mrs. Mooney’s Pie Shop out of my head because she uses pussycats (and them is quick!) and my favorite threat when the kittens are being naughty is that I am going to bake them into pies. With a nice bubbly gravy.

So that was a good laugh.

There’ve been some real ups and downs in the last few weeks, but I’m pretty happy overall. I have been seeing someone pretty fantastic for about a month and change now, and that seems to be going fairly swimmingly. Internet dating kind of worked out, eh? Plus The Handsome Cabin Boy is well though I see him infrequently, because he is busy training for the AIDS Ride most of the time now.

The oldest has a piece at the MOCA (LA Museum of Contemporary Art) that was installed last Tuesday and will remain on display for about a month. Official artist’s reception is this weekend from 2-4 and if any locals are interested in going and seeing the show (it’s put on by the AVPA at Culver High School) just drop me a comment and I will get you details. It’s an adjunct to the Murakami exhibit, so you can get in and see his stuff at the same time!

The youngest was mugged for her backpack on school grounds last week. The culprit made off with her iPod and other belongings, but she was unharmed and responded by getting spitting mad. The boy who perpetrated the act was twice her size and a high schooler to boot. Such a Big Man On Campus, he had to mug a 13 year old middle schooler? He is as yet uncaught and will probably remain so as the school is doing nothing about it and are understaffed as far as security guards go. Little Miss Feisty tried to run him down and get her backpack back after he took off. I am glad she didn’t catch him as that is a good way to get hurt, but we all do admire her gumption to try. We have, of course, already replaced the iPod – which was her big Xmas present this year. How much does it suck to have it stolen less than a month after?

Public schools, I am telling you. Infuriating. They’re both taking self defense classes this semester.

And off I go to knock some stuff off my list.


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7 Responses to Everyone Else Is Doing It

  1. Christie says:

    Kids…sometimes you wonder about the people raising them. Didn’t his parents wonder where he got a new ipod from? So much for being involved in their brat’s life.

    Information on the LACMA exhibit! I can probably make it over there before the month is out!

  2. Christie says:

    Love the 101 things! So doing it!

  3. Inky says:

    I am sorry to hear your daughter got mugged for her stuff at school and though chasing after him probably was instinct, she’s gotta know that no stuff is worth getting hurt. I type probation reports on cases like this every day, and often they end very badly. Kids that will steal from another kid also think nothing of pulling a knife or a gun on them either.

    It’s just stuff, it can be replaced, she can’t. But you probably already told her that 🙂

    Hugs to you all!!

  4. Ina says:

    Congratulations to the oldest! As for the youngest, this sounds like a police matter, not a school matter.

    Oh, and good luck with Mr. Fantastic.

  5. knitnzu says:

    Your poor kid! I was wondering, where on earth do you live (just found you today from Knitorious), so I checked… explains a lot. Not that those things don’t happen everywhere. I think self-defense classes are a great idea (being a 3rd degree black belt I suppose I would), but Inky there is right on, no THING is ever worth your life. But if kiddo ever got into a situation where it was her life she was fighting over, adding some skill and technique to her natural feisty sure could help. I’d be happy to give you some guidelines to choosing a school/teacher. Bottom line, go with your gut.

  6. Roxie says:

    You know the thief’s karma is going to get him, but that doesn’t replace the backpack. I have a nice black Land’s End backpack that’s scarcely used. Would she like it?

  7. geogrrl says:

    Heh. I always threaten to turn mine into “Kitty Chow Mein” or “Kentucky Fried Kitty” when they misbehave.

    I was sorry to hear about your grandfather.

    And that really sucks about your daughter. Why are the police not involved? This was a robbery.

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