Mittens. An update.

Still at the hospital, but holding his own tonight. He’s still on all the good drugs and getting IV fluids/hydration. They’ve started force-feeding him liquid and gruel to try to get his system to accept food again, while he’s still on all the anti-emetics and other digestive support through his IV.

I got to visit with him for about an hour, they gave me a private room and brought him in all wrapped in a tiny quilt (it’s his while he’s there in the hospital) and so he and I had a nice cuddle. He wailed and meowed and told me all about it for a while, then voluntarily ate two mouthfuls of chicken/rice food (they have to forcefeed him because he hasn’t wanted anything when I’m not there, so they had me try to get him to eat a few bites of something while we were visiting. SUCCESS!) and then we had a nice cuddle and he took a long nap while I read a magazine and held him.

Purred up a storm.

I think we both felt better, but I think we were both sad when I had to leave. Still, it’s a positive sign. I’m hopeful this might be resolved soon. And in the meantime, he’s getting the very best care a kitty could hope for.

Honey is being an absolute terror in the absence of her brother. She is bored and lonely and creating chaos and mayhem in her wake. I think she’ll be glad when he’s home, too!


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4 Responses to Mittens. An update.

  1. Ragnar says:

    Poor little bugger. Hope everyone gets better soonest.

  2. Roxie says:

    Sending potent healing vibes, love and comfort to the little guy. So wonderful for both of you to be able to snuggle. May he come home soon.

    Hope 2008 will be filled with prosperity, health and peace for you. And much knitting and spinning.

  3. geogrrl says:

    It sounds like the little guy is getting better, and I’ll keep pulling for him. I think he’ll feel better now that he knows you haven’t abandoned him. Visits from his humans will do a world of good.

  4. Cambria says:

    sending him our best! hope he comes home soon, and that you have a year without any major (expensive) incidents.

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