Get Better, Roo!

Every Christmas we do something like help with a friend’s adopt-a-family, or donate to a local group or charity. This year, the giving is a little closer to home for me. The woman who fostered Mittens and Honey (she fosters feral kittens, sweetifies them and finds them good homes so they are not put to sleep or sent to shelters) has a little kitten from the same colony that produced Mittens and Honey. In fact, judging from his markings, I’d say he’s related. I do love little Roo. I wish we could adopt him too. Technically he is still a “foster” kitten. Right now, he’s very, very sick.

You can read about the saga of Roo starting here. There’s a whole bunch of updates in subsequent posts, pictures and videos.

Roo could use a lot of good thoughts from all of y’all. I am a firm believer in that sort of thing and there are SO many people who are all rooting for little Roo to be ok, it just has to help.

This year, our Christmas giving is going to help Roo’s foster family defray the vet bill. They’re giving him every chance and as much time as they can to get better. He obviously really wants to live. She’s fostered so many in the last year – here are the last 18 months worth of kittens who have been rehomed. She does this for free, because she loves animals and because she can. All she ever asks is that the people who take her kittens home love them and care for them and send pictures once in a while. We’ve had so much enjoyment from our little guys, I just can’t not try to pay that forward a bit.

She is reluctantly taking donations – mostly because so many of her kitten’s forever parents badgered her into putting up a Paypal button. As long as Roo says he wants to fight, the button is staying up. Right now, he is literally living on time that people have donated to keep him in that oxygen tent, otherwise they’d have had to make some hard calls earlier this week. It blows me away that they’re doing this for a foster kitty, but that’s the kind of people they are. They’re good people. I want to help.

The most recent update here.

If you can send a good thought or two, I know the family will appreciate that so much.


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5 Responses to Get Better, Roo!

  1. geogrrl says:

    What a little sweetheart! And it’s incredibly generous that she’s doing this for the little fellow. While I can’t donate, I’m pulling hard for little Roo. He deserves to have a nice life with a nice family.

  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    He is no worse, but no better, as of tonight (Monday) and so kind of in a holding pattern. Poor little guy.

  3. geogrrl says:

    Aw, I’m so sorry. I got the impression they didn’t really know what was making him sick. Is that right?

  4. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    They are hypothesizing viral pneumonia, but none of his tests are coming up positive for anything. SO they’re mostly doing supportive care and giving him time for his little system to work whatever it is out.

  5. geogrrl says:

    How terribly frustrating for everyone. Poor little guy.

    Well, here’s to Roo’s little immune system fighting back and sending the unknown invader packing.

    Probably because of early training by my mother, I often appeal to St. Jude when things are looking bad. I’ll put in a good word for Roo with him.

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