All I want for Christmas is…

two happy kidneys!

I’d been feeling kind of crap the last few days – really just like six kinds of arse warmed over. It started on Saturday when I came home from work and uncharacteristically passed out. By Sunday night I was in a lot of pain, the fever was edging up and I was thinking maybe we should head to the ER. I held off because I am a doctor’s child. A doctor who used to take ER call. Experience has taught me that unless blood is pouring out, bones are splintered and one is vomiting aliens, one does NOT bother the nice doctors at the ER with something that can otherwise be seen during business hours. And honestly? The aliens thing is debatable. If they’re very small, it’s polite to let the doctor enjoy his holiday weekend with his family. Make an appointment on Monday**. Anyway, things backed off just enough for me to get through yesterday until I could get an appt. with my own comfy doctor – and sure enough, I have a nasty kidney infection brewing. But now I have drugs. And drugs are good. In the next 24-48 hours I should be up and, if not bouncing around again, at least not pretending to be one of the living dead.

I’ve missed a LOT of work. Fortunately my co-workers have been amenable to shift swapping so my paycheck won’t take a hit (a good thing, considering XMr.YP’s current unemployedness) but I’d best be able to get my arse to the shop on Thursday or I will start losing money. And now would be a bad time for that.

The one good thing about being sick is that it is good for finishing, and I am soooooo close to being finished with Clapotis. I think I may even finish it tonight and that would be SO dandy.

**This only holds true if it’s me. If it is one of my kids, fuck that, we’re going to the ER at the first sign of alien activity.

Also, my own doctor has mentioned that perhaps this attitude is a tad extreme and that really, the ER docs won’t mind if I come in for something a titch less dire than aliens of an unusual size.

But whatever. I know the truth. Everyone waits until the weekend or the holiday. I just never want to be That Guy, even if I’m sick enough not to qualify.


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5 Responses to All I want for Christmas is…

  1. Mouse says:

    As another child of a doctor.. I’m over here nearly peeing myself with laughter. My dad wasn’t an ER doc but I’ve pretty much been instilled with the same ideas… I don’t go to the doctor or the ER unless my head has fallen off and I’m unable to duct tape or staple it back on.
    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.. get better soon!

  2. KnitNana says:

    Well. I think, personally, that a UTI qualifies as an alien invasion of the WORST possible kind. Especially if you were at fever stage.
    Take care of yourself, for heavens’ sake, and listen to your doc – I think he’s wise…
    (this is coming from someone who just got off a course of meds for a UTI…btw)

  3. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Mouse, yes, you get it! Because even if your parent isn’t on ER call, they still get the late night calls that take them away from dinners and movies and all that crap. Plus, all those years of having to be practically DYING in order to stay home from school… you get a weird idea about what sick is on a personal level.

    KN, I think it’s like an alien invasion of the red hot nail being shoved up one’s, erhm. Well. It’s uncomfortable, yes. Absolutely aliens. Hope you’re feeling better!!

  4. Cass says:

    YIKES! I’m so sorry you’ve been so sick! Did they give you pain meds too? Kidney pain is the worst kind of pain. Well, I take that back, I think tooth pain is the worst kind, then kidney. Or maybe tooth, then head pain, then kidneys. But kidney pain is way up there.
    {{gentle hugs}}

  5. Lucia says:

    Having plumbing issues of my own, I feel your pain. A friend of mine who’s a pediatrician says the same thing — the calls she hates the most are the ones at 10 on a Saturday night saying “my kid has had sniffles for a week, can I take him to the ER?”

    Feel better!

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