Internet Dating, or, No, I Will Not Help You Get Your Green Card.

Internet dating is not as awful as I had anticipated, though I have not, as yet, gone on any actual dates and indeed am really wary about doing so. I’ve had some messages from one or two people that resulted in some nice email exchanges. The idea that we might go do coffee has been put forward. One hopes that if chemistry and the laws of attraction and life and other things don’t pan out, that the option for expanding local community is still open. One problem with sites like these is you run into people and think, “Dude! I don’t want to date you but I’d love to hang out, I think we’d have fun and be great pals.” but of course, everyone is there to hook up, so “let’s just be friends” doesn’t often result in an invitation to come to regular poker games or beer and pizza nights with the guys. And that’s sad, because I am not too bad at just being one of the guys, too. Even if I am usually knitting while I’m playing poker. And I could use some more plain, old, garden variety friends of the flesh and blood variety.

Then there’ve been one or two messages from people that made me think things like…

“No, I’m not going to help you get your green card.” and “Oh my god you’ve got to be kidding, did you even READ my profile or did your little horny Republican ass just register ‘female’ and ‘breathing’?” and “No, I don’t want to f*ck your wife while you watch.”


But on the whole, not as awful as I feared. I think I do live in a good area for it. There’s a lot of folks here in So Cal and it’s entirely possible to miss like minded individuals in the sheer crush of humanity.

And if none of that pans out, well… I’ve got plenty of hilarity ensuing around here with just me and the cats.

circumstantial evidence


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7 Responses to Internet Dating, or, No, I Will Not Help You Get Your Green Card.

  1. teabird says:

    You made me remember all of the blind dates and such that I endured… I don’t envy you, girl!

  2. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    I don’t know *how* I feel about the dating process. Deeply conflicted, really!

  3. Lucia says:

    Caption: I has made wrk of rt from ur t.p. 2 milun dlrs plz.

    Oy. As I think I mentioned, I’ve never really dated. Hooked up with DH as a 19-yo college soph, which was, um, a really long time ago. I’m not sure I would know how to date. You never know about the friends thing, though; there could be guys out there who feel the same way.

    And you should know that those studly Young Republicans are doing you a favor by even noticing your cute little female self.

  4. LizKnits says:

    laugh… i have such fond memories of internet dating. My advice… meet quickly. Let’s just say you’ll be suprised that in email someone can seem like one thing and, in person, well it can be another story. Better to get to the good or bad fast!

    Look forward to hearing about your fun!

  5. geogrrl says:

    I’ve never done a lot of dating myself, but even with my limited experience I can tell you that there is NEVER, EVER, a shortage of people who are asshats and/or idiots. It’s just the way it is.

    I understand what you mean about the friends thing to. That’s easier to establish in real life than over the ‘net.

    Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You will make more friends, and you will get out more. It’ll happen.

  6. sopranospinner says:

    Ooh, a Republican is something I’ll never date again, ever! Shudder!

  7. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Lucia, that’s so funny! I gotta get someone to make me a LOLcat with that caption. 🙂

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