A ginormous picture post today. Because I have lots of pictures to show off!

First off… Tempted Sock Club sent me their October offering. It is nifty in the extreme. The colorway is called “Hocus Pocus” and I really love it. The recommended pattern is “Bellatrix” and I’ve already got sock yarn earmarked for those socks. I will probably do something else with this, but I’m not sure what yet. *ponders*

TSC-hocus pocus detail

I seem to be spinning more than I am knitting, or at least spinning as much as I am knitting. Playing with getting more twist in the singles so that I can add enough twist in the ply to get a sproingy, durable sock yarn. It’s a fascinating learning process.

SMF-peaches and plums SMF-closeup the dawning realization of string

Smoky Mountain Fibers Finn top in “peaches and plums” which I am spinning up into something that will hopefully resemble sock yarn when finished. I’ve split it roughly in half (I’m just sure one bobbin will have more and there will be waste, though) and spun the first bobbin up after gently predrafting the fiber out but not separating it into smaller chunks. So I’ve got long, long stretches of color that will stripe with gentle transitions into the next color. I am doing up the second bobbin now, and I’ve separated that into smaller sections, so that the color changes will happen much more frequently. I’ll ply those together. Hopefully that’ll give me an interesting barberpole effect in spots, heather the sock up a bit but allow the stripe of the first single to show well. We’ll see.

That last, well, that is why you probably should not use a kitten for a backdrop when photographing anything connected to string.

BMFA-S2S-lapis BMFA-S2S-lapis detail

This here is why a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe kit is such a nifty deal. First off, you get 8.5 oz of gorgeous soft superwash merino that is hand dyed in a gorgeous STR colorway. Then you get to spin it up (and it comes with directions for making a luscious 3 ply STR-like sock yarn) and then? THEN my friends… you get to KNIT it. Into socks. All that, for about $30.

I know that some people complain that BMFA is overpriced, but I honestly think their skeins are generous, this S2S kit is MORE than generous, the colorways are awesome and I’m a happy customer. No complaints here. I think their pricing is more expensive than some, yes, but not more than others – and I’m personally pretty happy that what started out as a small indie company and is now a slightly larger indie company is having such a raging success. I wish the same kind of success to all the folks out there trying to make a living off of their yarn and art.

No trip to the knitting store is complete without something unexpected leaping into my arms and shrieking to come home. This awesome Posada themed bag insisted on accompanying me back to my car at A Mano Yarn Center, yesterday.

posada bag

And last but not least, I had to start a new purse sock because gods forbid one should end up someplace where one does not have access to a sock. Like a diner, the DMV, the market… that happened to me this week and I realized that I have been leaving the previous purse sock at work since it’s a gift for the grrl. I needed a new one. Pigeonroof Studios Penelope sock yarn (bamboo/merino) which is luscious, in “nightshade”, done up in a simple 2×1 rib. That’s showing off the colorway nicely and will give me a nice squishy basic sock when I’m all done.

Two steps sock

Lady E is coming along famously, about to add yet another skein, but honestly, it’s just squares on top of squares and that’s kind of boring so I’ll just take pictures when she’s all done and blocked.


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4 Responses to

  1. Mouse says:

    THat sock yarn colorway is AWESOME! Do you have a link for their website? I’d love to order that!

  2. Amy says:

    Want. That. Bag.

  3. loopykd says:

    First, love the purpley, greeny, blacky thing. Awesome! Next, the way you are describing that plying is an article in Spin-Off from the summer issue. If you don’t have it, I will bring it in November when we meet (notice I said when). It’s called Fractal striping. This is about to blow your socks off too, it’s specifically for SOCK YARN! There you go! You probably already read it and are doing this on-purpose but since I just read the article last night I am all atwitter about it!

  4. if time exists says:

    Love that Hocus Pocus colorway. Your spinning is inspiring me to spin more too. Good luck with your sock yarn spinning…maybe someday I will get that far!

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