lady eleanor

Lady E is coming along nicely. We’re almost to the end of skein #3. I don’t know as I’ll have it done by the gift giving deadline, but I’m trying awfully hard to make it so. This is a great pattern. I want to knit one for myself when I’m done with this one, though I may just get the yarn and table it for a while. All the little squares do get dull.

Noro can be iffy to knit with from skein to skein because the colors don’t always follow the same progression. Skeins begin and end in different places and on different colors. I’m trying to keep the color progressions in the same place when I start new skeins (which means breaking yarn and then spit splicing) if possible, but otherwise am not too worried about making it run in the same progression. I figure, it’ll be more organic this way.

I haven’t had much time to knit at all lately and when I do knit, this is all I’m knitting because of my giftgiving deadline. Fortunately, the color changes and small rectangles thus far have saved it from being deathly dull knitting.

This is not so much about EtsyFriday as it is, Nifty Merchant On Sunday.

Twisted yarns

I give you Twisted Fiber Arts. OMG. This stuff is self striping and so nifty. Featured a while back on L&V’s daily chum, I just had to get some. So very worth the hype. You should run, not walk, out to get some.

Sachi’s Purls had handspun sock yarn that wasn’t sold out this past week and I managed to get my hands on a skein. The colorway is “Bitch” and oh man oh man do I love it so.

SP-bitch detail

You really need to stalk this fiber artist’s blog and website so you can get some too.

I really wasn’t lying about the nasty, kitten spit covered knitwear all over this house. Now they’re both doing it. I won’t be wearing this scarf again, I don’t really think.

the mother ship

Dear Keetonz, thx for the saliva. Also, EEEUW. love&kisses, mama.


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6 Responses to

  1. Lucia says:

    They may be teething. Not that that’s any consolation, but (speaking from sad experience) I have a gnawing feeling that you should keep wooden needles under lock and key.

  2. Lucia says:

    Oh, and about the kitten-free stuff: yet again I’m wishing for magical reach-through-the-monitor-and-grab powers.

  3. Will Pillage For Yarn says:

    Oh, no, I’m pretty sure it’s just suckling. They were taken and rescued and separated from their mama at around 3 weeks – had to be bottle fed for a while. The entire litter has sucking issues. The ones that belong to people we know (there were 5 in all) like to suck on earlobes and things.

    I think mine, living with a knitter, just have more soft fuzzy things to fixate upon. ;-D

  4. if time exists says:

    I really want to make Lady E. at some point. Yours is looking lovely. The thing that drives me the craziest about some skeins of Noro, though, is when you find knots in the middle of the skein which completely ruin the color progression. That happened to me a few times with some Silver Thaw I used for a shrug.

    Also…saliva or no, I love kitties!

  5. Roxie says:

    But kitty spit is a GOOD thing! (My kitties want to suckle my neck. I wind up with kitty hickies.)

    The entrelac is looking awesome! Better you than me. Entrlac drives me nucking futz.

  6. Sherri says:

    I don’t know if this is better or worse than sucking on wool, but I have a cat who tries to nurse on herself. I’ll hear a slurping noise in the background and look over to see her doubled over and sucking on one of her own nipples. It’s quite bizarre. Her nickname is “Bellysucker”. 🙂

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