Oh dear god. The youngest just acquired a copy of Sims 2 and I thought, “Oh sure, I’ll see if I like it.” Heh. Next time I checked, it was after 2am. Where’d the time go? Oh, I know… TIMESUCK.

We are SO going to have to have some rules about Sims in this house or I foresee much skipping of homework and much missing of knitting time.

Finished Drunk, Divorcd And Covered In Cat Hair tonight on my dinner break at work. Enjoyed it very much. Promptly burst into tears and had myself an angsty old moment, then pulled myself together and got back to work. Memo to self, probably not wise to be reading divorce books at work. Because, you know, ow. Maybe knit socks instead and read something fluffy.

Today was rather like a Monday. It started with the dog barfing under the bed and culminated with an irritated customer complaining about me to my manager. My first complaint in a year with that company (well, I know I took 3 months off to work at the cafe, but, technically a year) and I’m not happy about it. Particularly as I didn’t really do anything that heinous, I was just alone at the time, and too busy waiting on customers to wait on other customers. She got impatient, despite my apology to her, and so she came back later and complained to my boss and insisted that I not get commission on her purchase.

Whatever. Silly cow. May she one day work in retail and may it be Busy.

It was rather like a Monday. And now it’s Tuesday, so I can let it go.

I have tomorrow off and I desperately need to do laundry, clean my house and maybe get some spinning done. I’ve got season 1 of No Reservations on DVD to watch while I try to do all that. Yay!

Etsy post coming soon, with pictures.


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  1. Phoe says:

    Every evil person who complains should be forced to work retail. At a REALLY busy time of year. Like an understaffed day-after-Thanksgiving extravaganza. Hmph.

    Also, Sims 2 is INSANELY addictive. I just got the travel one and it’s awesome. (Seasons is the best though.)

  2. Mouse says:

    I agree with Phoe.. there is a special place in hell where people who do that to retail clerks go!! I worked retail for over 10 years and I’m STILL nice to anyone I come in contact with working behind a counter because I KNOW how bad it sucks.

  3. Roxie says:

    Several years ago when I was working retail, one of my customers turned into a junkyard dog before my very eyes, for no reason I could discern, and ragged me out to the boss. Her daughter came in the next day and apologized to the boss and to me and said, “Dad just died. It made Mom so angry, but she won’t deal with it so innocent bystanders get blitzed.”

    I prefer to think that rude people are just venting their unendurable pressures at me because they can’t rage at the people they need. Any experienced boss realizes this fact of life and discounts the first three or four complaints. Don’t worry.

  4. Lucia says:

    What Roxie said. Some people are just mad at life. And it is indeed Tuesday. Yay!

  5. KnitNana says:

    Retail is hard work. And you won’t please everyone all the time.
    Glad you can let it go…take it easy on yourself, okay?

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